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Personal Newspaper brings to you the news and video feeds that you are really interested in and tries to build for you the ideal newspaper which would contain only the topics that you care for, without having to search for them every day, getting lost amongst others that are indifferent to you.
Divided in several news categories (politics, sports, movies, music, science etc), Personal Newspaper allows you, per news category, to define the search terms that you would like to get informed for, building this way the sections of a newspaper that you would like to read.
In more details, with Personal Newspaper you can:

-Read a few general topics for each news category, so that you can have a general perspective of what's happening around the world
-Define how old the news can be
-Define the maximum number of news and videos that you will get
-Per news category, define the search terms that you are interested in.
-Per search term,
-define if you are looking for the exact words (which compose the search term) or not
-define separately the number of news and the number of videos you want to get (less or equal to the maximum number defined earlier)
-define the order of the search term among the others
-View the news and the videos, inside the application, in an elegant, mobile, environment
-Bookmark the topics that you want to view/review later, as you would like to do when you browse a newspaper, and, if you want, save them locally in order to access them when you will be offline (Videos and images are not saved locally. Moreover, when you load the bookmarks later, if the device is online then Personal Newspaper will choose to load them using internet).
-Share the topics

Please note that:
-for the general topics of each news category, Personal Newspaper brings the news in your defined device's language, in order to have a local perspective of the news
-in order to view any topic, you have to press the topic's underlined title below the topic's description/summary
(inside the topics list the links are disabled in order to avoid clicking any other link)
-by long pressing upon a title, a sub menu is displayed with the options 'Share' and 'Bookmark'. The same options are displayed as menu items,
but they apply to the already clicked and loaded title in the right part of the screen
-the source of the news and videos is Google and YouTube feeds respectively, which the application reads, parses and displays without any kind of modification
-due to the nature of the application and depending on the user’s choices, a significant data usage may be required


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