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- Don't know where you kept your phone
- Its telling out of reach when calling
- Your phone in silent mode and not ringing
- Don't have another phone to call
- Hard to find your own phone

Here comes all in one solution, The Phone Finder, which will help you to find your own phone on your hands instruction. Yes, it will react on your claps, you just have to clap three or more times continuously to ring your phone. Now, amaze your friends with this amazing and useful app.
Most amazing thing is that this app will work as per your environment and you need not to do any setting for its sensitivity like in other apps, it will self adjust itself for room and outside. App will start itself even if phone is rebooted and you need not to start app explicitly. It will work in any phone and in any environment.

A must have and an easy to use app for your phones.

You just need to start the app in phone and when it will be in sleep mode (Screen Off). Your three instant claps (Use more than three claps for better results) in two seconds will help you to find your lost phone.

What's New in Updates:-

1. All Bugs fixed for app not working due to background service killed by OS.

2. It will work even if mobile is rebooted, No need to start app explicitly.

3. Bug fixed for OS 4.0 & above where app doesn't rings when screen lock is on.

4. All device related bugs fixed & will work on all new devices and manufacturers. Support for marshmallow (Android 6.0) and above is provided so that app doesn't crash in those devices.

5. New automated system is added to judge the living environment so users have no need to set sensitivity every time for any environment.

6. Works on your 3 or more instant claps. Use more than three claps for better results.

7. Clap detection system changed & improved.

8. Bugs of Irregular ringing i.e. ringing at any time by any sound is fixed and works only on 3 or more claps.

Note: Please, do not give bad ratings instantly and try to understand the functionality of the app. It will only work if phone is in sleep mode i.e. screen is off and your claps are really loud i.e. high pitch for three or more times continuously. None of the pitch of the clap's should be low in between three claps.

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    2017-08-12 09:32:14

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    Purpal Patch

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    Android 2.3+

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    Google Play


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