Photo hide! Privacy gallery

Photo hide! Privacy gallery


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Do not have photos or images you do not want to be seen of your in the gallery?
With this app I can hide such a photo image!
It is recommended for people who are worried seen the strange photos from the list.

All you have to do is!
1. I set a password
2. Tap Select the photos you do not want to be seen from the image list
3. Image is hidden from the gallery!
4. Hide images you can see with this app.

◆◆◆ to resolve this ◆◆◆
· I hide the image in the "Gallery" smartphone.
· I want to hide the image that is in the "Photo" and "album".
· Hiding the image of smartphone I'm looking for an app.
· You want to hide the image that was saved from the browser.
· There is an image you do not want to show to others in the mobile.
· To the gallery to private so as not to be seen by others.
· I want to manage the images in privacy mode

Hiding the photo, it is possible to lock with a password of PIN, you will not be able to see easily image also touch the smartphone to others.
After you hide it and select the saved image is the peace of mind it is possible to browse in secret mode.
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    2017-08-10 12:34:19

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    Android 2.3+

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