Planning crane maneuver

Planning crane maneuver


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This application enables you to position the crane in a limited space and to maneuverer it when obstacles of various heights prevent easy access to the cargo.
Open the application by touching or clicking the icon. Select the manufacturer and the crane model you wish to work with. Then, select from the following options:
Side view
Plan view
Dimensions display

Side view
It enables you to see the distance in between the turntable and the side of the obstacle facing the crane, represented by the red line. The dotted blue line represents the vertical line of the cargo.
The movement of the boom can be fully simulated.

Plan view
It enables you to see the side of the obstacle facing the crane, represented by the red lines. The obstacles could be any nearby building, etc. The blue line represents the boom’s longitudinal axis, the radius and the position of the cargo.
The gyratory movement of the crane can be fully simulated showing if any obstacles hinder the turning of the counterweight and the cabin.

Dimensions display
Here the following dimensions can be amended:
Height of the obstacles.
Distance from the axis and the obstacles.
Longitudinal distance in between turntable and the perpendicular distance to the cargo.
Distance from the side of the obstacle facing the crane to the cargo.

Manufacturer and Models
The crane manufacturer and model can be changed in order to find out which is most suitable for the proposed job.
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