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Become your own fortune teller! Here is a winning tool to help you get the right answers for just about anything. It’s easy and anyone can do it!

Do you have any YES-NO QUESTION, need answer right away? Simply choose a category, ask a specific question and shake your phone. After the cards are shuffled, you choose three of them. Based on your choice, a unique response is given to you. It’s serious fun! You must try it!

Do you two match up? Try unique 4 cards LOVE MATCH reading giving you insights about sex, romance, mind and soul mate.

Wondering what the day will bring? Check your CARD OF THE DAY for free, each day!

Pocket Fortune spoils you with:
• a free daily, one-card reading,
• a personalized four-card-reading for six important areas of your life,
• a personalized four-card-reading for love matching,
• one free reading every day, the choice is yours.

What is so special? While asking Yes-No questions you will get:
• probability in percentage,
• a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal,
• guidance from your Soul.

And also:
• a real boost with new, artistic never- before-seen Fortune Telling Cards, and
• even more fun while sharing your readings with friends on your favorite social networks.

Download the Pocket Fortune Teller and get 3 readings for free, each day one free reading by your choice and free Daily card. Try it now!

Go ahead, ask! Curiosity won’t kill you; you’re not a cat.

Pocket Fortune Teller speaks English, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian and is under constant development.

Here are some sample questions for YES-NO reading:

Love and Romance
• Will I meet the right person for me within the next three months?
• Does he love me?
• Will I get married this year?
• Will he call me today?
• Are we a perfect match?

Friendship and fun:
• Should I go to that party today?
• Should I invite her on a road trip?
• Should I sleepover at my friend’s house?
• Will he visit me today?
• Should I invite that friend to a wedding?

Business and Money
• Will I find a job within the next two months?
• Can I expect a promotion at my current job within the next six months?
• Would cooperation with company XY bring positive financial results?
• Will project XY be financially successful?

Home and Family
• Will we buy a new apartment within one year?
• Will I sell the land within one year?
• Should I paint the living room in green?
• Will my new partner accept my child?
• Should I move into my parent’s house?

• Will I lose weight within six months?
• Should I buy this dress?
• Is this therapy good for my health?

Travel and Education
• Will I pass my exam tomorrow?
• Will I graduate this year?
• Will behavior in class improve this year?
• Should I study law?
• Should we do a road trip in America?

Your opinion matters!
We love to hear your thoughts. Let us know of any bugs/glitches and share your comments with us. This way we can continue improving Pocket Fortune Teller for you.

Please review our app on Google Play or contact us directly at info@fifthdimensiontouch.com.

Visit our official site at www.fifthdimensiontouch.com.

For updates, news and promotions follow:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Pocket-Fortune-Teller-773319099406054/timeline
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PFTapp
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pftapp/

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