Pool - 8 Ball with Multiplayer

Pool - 8 Ball with Multiplayer


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Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool 2015 by HD Games For Free is one of the newest and most fun 8 ball pool games for mobile. It’s one of the best billiards games on Android and is totally free!

From savvy pool sharks to untrained novices, compete against players of different skill levels from all over the world to move up in the ranks! Unlock new billiards bars and pool halls as you advance and earn pool coins. Sign in with Twitter or Facebook to challenge friends and protect your earnings!

Do you have what it takes to be a 8 ball pool master? Download Now!

Game Features
• Login with Facebook or Twitter to play with your friends in multiplayer mode
• Different pool table options
• Single Player Mode for practice. Even the King and Queen of pool needs practice
• Compete online in a virtual arena!
• Play against the computer or vs. a human in multiplayer 8 ball pool
• Play for Free! If you run out of virtual money, go to our store our watch a short video to earn coins.

How to Play:
Offline Mode - Use this single player, lite mode to train to become an eight ball pool billiards pro. You can hit any ball in the pocket without losing. Practice learning how to break, and master the pool table corner pocket shot in a quick and easy game before you play against the pool elite for virtual money in our online arena.

vs Computer - Once you have practiced playing eight ball pool on your own, and are ready to take your billiards game to the next level, you can play a quick fire pool game vs the computer. You get to break on the pool table first when you play vs the AI, so use that to your advantage.

Multiplayer Mode - Once you have trained and are ready to take on the world, compete for virtual money in our online multiplayer billiards game. The stakes are for real and you will be matched against opponents from around the world according to your skill level. Your success will depend on how well you master the game. Unlock new pool halls and tables as you rise up the ranks and compete with the pool elite. Beware pool sharks are lurking! Only one person can be the king of pool billiards. Will it be you?

Coming Soon:
Multiplayer 8 ball pool tournaments
Pool with Friends - Directly challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter
Multiplayer wagers for real cash money!
Snooker Mode!

Become a pool ace and download the latest pool mania to hit Android!

About Us: At HD Games For Free, we are committed to providing you an awesome gaming experience. If you have any advice or feedback on how we can better serve you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gr8ballpool or on Twitter at @gr8ballpool.
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