Popular Solitaires

Popular Solitaires


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solitaire spider, klondike, freecell are very popular classic patience with 4 beautiful decks, cover for this, backgrounds tables, and also has smooth nice animations.

- 3 solitaires in 1 game: klondike, spider, freecell
- spider solitaire contains 3 suits select (1,2,4 suits) and 2 difficulty, that gives 6 difficulty levels in total;
- freecell solitaire contains 2 difficulty;
- klondike solitaire contains 3 difficulty and 2 game types (turn 1 and turn 3);
- unlimited undo;
- support off-line mode, without Internet (wifi);
- save current game and continue last game;
- during phone call game will be continued after;
- large size of cards good looking on smart-phones and tablets;
- there are 4 photo-realistic decks in the game;
- there are 5 photo-realistic background tables in the game;
- in every game available statistics: score, total moves, total time;
- support english and russian languages.

klondike solitaire is a classic patience with standard rules: right-top zone is a "home" for Aces (with symbol "A") and the same suit and higher rank (for example: Ace-Two-Three-Four...), free cell with symbol "K" for King and the opposite suit (for example: black-red-black or red-black-red) and lower rank (for example: K-Q-J-ten-nine-eight-...).
The Score calculate is standard: open card on the table +5 points, from the deck on the table +5 points, from deck or table to "home" +10 points, reloaded deck -20 points, card from "home" to table -15 points.
LongPress or doubleTap on the table fast moves cards to "home".
Also You can see help how to play - button "Help".

freecell solitaire is another popular classic patience with standard rules and scoring.

spider solitaire is another classic popular patience with standard rules. The Score calculate is standard: at begin game its 500 points, move card is -1point, removed deck tableau from King to Ace is +100points.

how to play see on youtube
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