Powerlifting - Get Strong!

Powerlifting - Get Strong!


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This is The Foundations “Get Strong” powerlifting system. We have used a combination of science and experience to create this system and you are guaranteed results if you stick to it.

There are 3 phases. Each phase lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. Each workout has a testing element which is the first exercise you complete each session. These tests provide the data for the rest of the training blocks and keep you motivated and challenged every session.

Each phase is slightly different and focuses on a different area of the lift. Our aim is to add additional difficulty to the standard powerlifting movements by using special techniques and equipment to promote strength increases. When you hit the regular lifts again they will feel like a walk in the park.

Although we have set days, the workouts don’t have to be completed on an exact schedule. Much of lifting is about feel. If you aren’t recovered then you don’t train if you can shift the workout to the next day.

The first 3 workouts are powerlifting and the last workout of the week is a power/speed full-body workout.

On the 4th week of each phase you have two options.

Depending on recovery I would recommend I week of traditional bodybuilding work. Keeping the reps in the 8-10 range, possibly avoiding the powerlifting movements completely.

The first 3 weeks of each block are tough and you might not be able to recover adequately to restart the next phase without some rest. Remember, the first exercise of each session in week 1 is a test.

To get the most of these workouts you will need equipment. See our equipment section to read about the kit you will need. However, if you don’t have chains and bands then you can simply stick to the standard lifts and use the relevant percentages.

About The Foundation

The Foundation - Personal Training Solutions are providers of cutting edge personal training and health and fitness services. We believe that success in whatever your desired outcome, be it bodybuilding, fitness, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), athletic performance, strength etc, comes from your ability to implement a well designed workout training plan and stick to it. Hence our motto Method, Execution, Tenacity.

Our aim is to provide you with a variety of apps for whatever your fitness goal. We provide fitness tests, push ups challenges, science-based bodybuilding workouts, powerlifting and strength workouts, high intensity bodyweight workouts. Wedding preparation programs and of course Nutrition through our guide to flexible dieting and nutrition management.
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