Praesidia Alliance - PA Alerting

Praesidia Alliance - PA Alerting


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PA Alerting is a simple yet effective app that ensures sms alerts issued from Praesidia Alliance alarm monitoring / security operations centres (to alarm clients, response units, and guard locations) are given priority over other text messages received on the users mobile phone.

App user privacy is assured, the app itself does not send out any information, it's a receive only facility (mobile data service is not required for the app to work) and uses very little device battery power. It sees the specially coded sms from our system and brings up a message screen as well as sound a specific alert tone. An alert message is acknowledged by clicking on a tick icon appearing on screen. If a message is not acknowledged correctly then the screen message and tone repeats each 2 minutes over a 10 minute period.

There's no special settings required, just install the app - select Open after installation and Allow sms functions when asked - then exit app and email your local Praesidia Alliance agent, advising the mobile number to use for PA Alerting. (there's no settings you have to change, the app is preconfigured for use throughout the south pacific)

* There are times, and only at these times, when you should go to the app and change sound settings to Mute - such as in church, in court, in a hospital, or similar places of respect / quiet. REMEMBER to change app notifications back to High Volume when sound mute is no longer required.

Each alert message received shows on the app history page for later reference if required.
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