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Prague on Bike


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Na kole Prahou is a modern mobile application for urban cyclists. It is a part of the Čistou stopou campaign which is brought to you by the city of Prague. It finds the best routes through the city given your detailed requirements and increases the joy during the ride. To make things easier, it guides you with step-by-step voice navigation. It also finds you a new route if you get off the current route to discover new places -- you will never get lost again. Furthermore, you can use the app to submit community reports to warn other cyclists and the authorities about dangerous places. The competitive riders can use the app to compare themselves with their friends who is cycling more through the city of Prague. With the app, you can connect to Bike to Work 2017 campaign, which is held in May.

As one of the data sources, Na kole Prahou uses OpenStreetMap maps, a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world based on the Open Database License.

Routes have information purposes only. Due to road works, current traffic, weather, and other events the real conditions on the route can differ from those suggested by the application. Use your judgment, be careful and follow road signs and other warnings. It is completely your responsibility that you follow traffic rules and ride safe.
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