Prayer Times : Azan, Salatuk

Prayer Times : Azan, Salatuk


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صلاتك salatuk (salat times) contains azan, Prayer Times, find qibla direction, Al-Moazin (Prayer Times) for Muslim Pro. An elegant and accurate Muslim Pro App for getting prayer times and Qibla direction, Azan times no matter where you are. Its stylish yet easy and convenient interface is designed to make sure that you are kept updated with the Prayer Times and Azan times. The Salat algorithm supports a large Prayer times calculation methods adopted by many Muslim countries. Depending on your location, the application choose the appropriate calculation method for prayer times, Azan times, Fiqhi school and Adhan. However, if you want, you can also change the prayer times method manually in the "Settings" tab of our Muslim Pro App.
The best Muslim pro App provides the accurate prayer times, Azan times Ramdan 2017, Allah Names (99 Names of Allah), 6 kalma, find Qibla Direction. For an accurate localization of prayer times and Azan times please ensure that your location settings and your Internet connection or your GPS are enabled! Best Muslim Pro tool for every Muslim to follow his daily Salatuk (namaz) in home or Masjid and make Doaa for us.
Muslim Pro application Features bellow:
- Salat times Fajr, Shrook, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha
- Muslim Pro is a companion application to keep your prayer times
- This application can teach you the prayer times
- Include Azan and mosques, Salat times
- As well as determine the Qibla direction
- Azan times salat Fajr, Azan times salat Zuhr, Azan times salat Asr, Azan times salat Magrib, Azan times salat Isha
- Easy to use interface Muslim Pro
- Prayer Times : Azan contain also prayer times dubai, prayer times london, prayer times riyadh, prayer times jeddah
- The next prayer times is highlighted to easily alert & catch the next prayer
- Current time and remaining time for the next prayer is mentioned to help you prepare for the prayer in time
- Ramadan 2017, Ramadan Duas, Ramadan calendar, Ramadan calendar 2017, Ramadan fasting timing, Ramadan Iftar time
- As well as determine the Qibla direction
- Easy to use interface Muslim Pro
- you can esily Adjust your prayer times from setting
- Muslim prayer times with different calculation methods
- Muslim prayer times dubai, Muslim prayer times london, Muslim prayer times riyadh, Muslim prayer times jeddah
- Easily turn Adhan alarm On/Off for any salat with a single touch
- Can select the Madhab in Islam (Hanafi, Shafi, Malki or Hanbali)
- Digital magnetic Compass using your phone/tablet sensor will quickly point to the Qibla direction
- Almost all major cities around the world are covered. If your city is not listed, select the nearest one
- Hijri Date (Helpful for non-arab countries to follow month of Ramadan)
- Day Light Saving option
- Show prayer times in widget widgets and widgets
- Presentation of prayer times in an organized manner with clarification of the time of the next prayer.
- Set the Qiblah direction correctly accurate with a clear and clear design of the compass
* Islamic prayer times with different calculation methods:
- Umm al-Qura, Makkah
- Egyptian General Survey Authority
- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
- Islamic Society of North America
- Muslim World League
* Hijri calendar
* Qiblah direction based on phone's compass capabilities
* Follow me, update prayer time automatically while traveling using wireless mobile capabilities.

- مسلم الموالية هو تطبيق مصاحب للحفاظ على أوقات الصلاة الخاصة بك
- هذا التطبيق يمكن أن يعلمك أوقات الصلاة
- تشمل أذان ومساجد، أوقات صلاة
- فضلا عن تحديد اتجاه القبلة
- أوقات صلاة الفجر والشروك والزهر والعصر والمغرب والعيشة
- أذان فجر، شروق، أذان زهر، أذان العصر، أذان مغرب، أذان العشاء
- واجهة سهلة الاستخدام من المسلمين الموالية
تطبيق صلاتك يستعمل عددا مهما من الطرق الحسابية المعتمدة في أغلب العالم الإسلامي.اعتمادا على موقعك، يختار التطبيق طريقة الحساب المناسبة، المدرسة الفقهية و الأذان المناسب
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