Prayer Times in Sudan

Prayer Times in Sudan


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Prayer Times in Sudan
Prayer Time in Sudan on a schedule for 30 days
"Sudan Prayer Time - Come to prayer" free and reliable service offering with beautiful and liquidity-friendly design.

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Prayer Schedule in one day (today).
Software Islamic times a month (30 days).

Islam is the most widespread religion in Sudan, as statistics indicate that the proportion of Muslims in Sudan, amounting to almost 95%, of them Arabs and non-Arabs of them, the rest belonging to the understanding of the Christian religion (only about 5% of the total population) and religion revivalism. Muslims and spreads in northern Sudan significantly, with a large Christian communities are also there, especially in places with too much displaced. Number of southern Sudanese who have fled to the north to escape the war by more than 4 million since 1970, has been almost as much, and most of the south's population cling to religion or Christianity biotechnology, but there are a large number of them cling to Islam as well. Most of Sudan's Muslims are Sunnis, who are mostly Sufi, and there is diversity of Sufi Muslims in ways that followed there, and the largest two methods are the way of the Ansar and the way Khatami.

Prayer times are times of temporal set the start time for prayer and the end of the time he says: )an prayer book on the believers Moukota(

The time of dawn prayers: the first time for Fajr prayer is the dawn second any true dawn and the last time until the sun rises.
The time of the noon prayer: If the sun is still on the middle of the sky to the point of sunset, and extends to the fate of under everything like him with a smaller increase, or when it is under the man as a table.
Asr prayer time: the first time under the age if you become like him only thing under disappearing and continues to be withering sun, but the need is time to sunset.
Time for Maghrib: the first time Morocco from sunset to full sun disc and ends coma red twilight.
Time of evening prayers: the first dinner time of sunset red afterglow to a third of the night and was told half the night
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