PreSchool Kids Education

PreSchool Kids Education


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Hey Moms! Are YOU finding a perfect blend of learning and entertainment for your bubbly kid? If yes then make your toddler child understand the core and primary kindergarten curriculums to reinforce the knowledge and understanding of colorful shapes, numbers, colors and major names of fruits in this Preschool Kids Education game.

It is an educational fun journey of kids world with attractive and wonderful theme, containing 4 interesting study items i-e shapes, number, fruits and colors. The easiest way to strengthen the foundation of your playschool child with this Kids Educational Game. The bright and successful future of your baby kid is in your hands. So don’t miss this golden opportunity to boost up the intelligence level and maximizing the learning speed of your kindergarten kid.

Preschool Kids Education contains two modes which includes “Learning” and “Testing”. When you think, your infant boy/girl is done with learning any of the learning kids stuffs (educational category) then make your kids enter in to the “Testing” mode to test whether or not he/she gives you the correct and instant answer of asked question.

Understanding shapes, recognizing colors, memorizing mathematical figures, and identifying fruits, all are now absolutely and totally uncomplicated with this cool kid’s game.

Kids Numbers Learning (Kids Count)
In this appealing item, your preschool-aged kid learn counting from 1 to 10. With smooth animation, clear voiceover and eye-catching background, all numbers will appear along with the quantity of things (associated to that number).

Kids Colors Name Learning
Your small one may love and enjoy coloring, now let’s give little bit attention towards learning and remembering names of colors. Make your kid familiar about different colors like Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Pink, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Red and White. The Paint brush will be representing various colors along with the object related to it.

Kids Shapes Learning
This scholastic item will let your kid, grasp the proper reorganization of the basic shapes including Circle, Square, Star, Triangle, Arrow, Cross, Heart, Diamond, Crescent, Rectangle. Each shape pronounced clearly and appears with the real-life entity similar to that specific shape for easy shape identification.

Kids Fruits Name Learning
Enhance and develop the cognitive skills of numerous fruits with unlimited excitement. Colorful images of the fruits such as Guava, apple, cherry, banana, kivi, grapes, mango, orange, lychee and peach will be appearing one-by-one on the screen of the device. Help your preschool toddler to absorb the fruit name.

Top Game Features:
√ Four Learning Items In One Application
√ Child-Friendly Education Game
√ Best Informative Adventure
√ Maximize & Improve The Learning Process
√ Appealing & Delightful Animated Images
√ Understandable & Flawless Narration
√ Amazing Graphics With Excellent Sound Effects

If your Children are finished with memorizing and practicing kids preschool education objects like English Alphabets, match the letters, alphabetical puzzles, and magical playgroup phonics then switch them towards Preschool Kids Education babygame and start making him learn kids Counting, fruits name, shapes and colors name with this kids education app to make them the junior champ.

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