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World in general and India in particular is seeing a rapid increase in serious diseases like heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. Novel and multifaceted programs are needed at various levels to face and beat this challenge. Alumni from premier medical institutions such as AIIMS, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical School, and University of California, have put their brains together and taken best practices recommended for health risk analysis in order to improve individual and societal outcomes.

PRISM (Personalized health RISk Management) is the systematic approach to collecting health information in the form of personal and family history, basic examination findings and essential blood tests from individuals. A proprietary algorithm, the core of PRISM created from peer reviewed medical literature, then evaluates and tracks individualized future predictions of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. These scores, in a cross-section as well as longitudinally, are used in motivating people change their life style practices and manage chronic health ailments. Virtuous Health physicians, nutritionists and gym / yoga coaches engage with PRISM participants and decrease health risk. Members are able to watch and track their improvements over time.

The tool is available for individuals, Corporates and Health Insurance Companies. Because PRISM is an amalgamation of best global practices, it also reduces cost as only essential tests are recommended for all, and additional testing is done on individualized parameters instead of a “do on all” approach.
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