Productivity Capture Analysis

Productivity Capture Analysis


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We offer this free app for Capturing and Analyzing Construction Productivity in exchange for your agreement to share the raw data with us.
The app will do this automatically with us.
We are a management research, advice and education firm.
We will use this data which is not tied to your firm, its name or any of its characteristics for our industry research.

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The author of “The Construction MBA” (512 pages) and “Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day” (416 Pages) has created an app structured to accurately capture field productivity on an individual or crew basis.

This labour productivity and analysis app is a crucial measuring tool for all analysis. Unproductive or wasted time has been measured industry-wide at over 30% on a consistent basis in the last 30 years. Some have stated it is over 50% in some market sectors. Lessening it improves current performance of any contractor.

As construction executives have often said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”. The most basic need of a construction contractor is productivity of their field personnel. They are the only personnel producing tangible outcomes which are billable to the client. Office staffs assist field staffs, but it the person or crew installing acceptable work at total cost less than the project’s contract that produces a profit.

Once inputted by the user, this app measures on an interval basis the activities of the workday. Generally speaking, construction field professionals are working in three kinds of time at any one moment: 1) Productive Time 2) Support Time 3) Wasted Time.

Productive time is all activities that are physical actions to install work correctly the first time. Support time is all activities that support productive time i.e. planning, communicating, measuring, laying out etc. These are typically not billable to the client, but are critical to be productive. Wasted time is any activity not considered productive or supportive i.e. waiting for information or material, rework, smoking, etc. during the working time.

The app itself allows the user to input names, work type, reasons and comments to document work productivity in a factual and auditable way.

This app is for construction executives, field supervisors, project managers, researchers, and other leaders interested in current productivity data.

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