Qibla Compass- Salat & Hijri Calendar

Qibla Compass- Salat & Hijri Calendar


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Download Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri Calendar to indicate Kaaba(The House of Allah(SWT)) direction precisely. Don't miss any prayer or salat or salah on time and get this free tool of Islamic or Muslim Prayer Times(مواقيت الصلاة). Simple and instant Kaaba locator or tracker tool on play market. It is designed to help in finding direction of Kaaba easily. Download this Islamic smart tool application with three in one useful Islamic tools for all Muslims.

Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri is supported by hijri Islamic calendar which can help in finding first day of Ramadan for fasting and other important Islamic dates like Hajj, Zakat and Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.
Qibla or Kaaba is located in Mecca Saudi Arabia. Masjid al-Ḥarām is specified for Muslims in Quran and Hadith to perform prayer/Salaat in its direction which is located in Mecca.
In the early days of islam, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered to pray in the direction of Masjid al-Ḥarām.

How to Use Compass?
1: Go to settings from menu and select your location method either using GPS or Search your city name in search bar to select it from cities database or list using standard manual method
2: Set your location using internet (must be online) and
3: Hold your device perpendicular to show direction in 3D compass using device camera
4: Hold your device horizontally to show direction in 2D compass view
5: To get the correct and precise measurements of Qibla direction you should properly away from magnetic and electric fields/
6: If the compass can not see farther, then calibrate it for a while in shape of 8
7: Compass arrow will immediate point you the correct direction of qibla with respect to your location and also shows the North direction as well.

Pocket app to read your current location, you can use your GPS.

Which Way is Qibla on Compass?
The direction of white needle will always be towards the direction of Kaaba.

Use It Everywhere Offline
This tiny compass is useful in every place such that going outdoor such as tour or at school or other places. If its prayer time and you don’t know the direction of qibla use this handy app it will guide you to right direction.

Muslim Prayer Timings
Get the accurate prayer timings of your current city either manually or or GPS or using Internet location.

Qibla Compass- Prayer Times & Hijri is smart enough like an Islamic smart tool app to set itself to right direction regardless of the degree of the mobile phone rotation.
This determined Islamic software also provides Hijri date for all Muslims around world, using Ummal-Qura calendar based on crescent phase calculation.

• Explore Qibla location direction on 2D and 3D camera compass
• Shows North direction, Kaaba direction angle and Qibla distance
• Find direction online or offline
• Exact prayer timings with alarm
• Next prayer time
• Multiple languages support
• Use your last known and network location to find the direction
• Contains all direction with north indicator
• Indoor or outdoor use it everywhere
• Islamic calendar also included
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