QuietModes for Quiet Phone

QuietModes for Quiet Phone


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Love are relationships and everything other is detail, so keep the ringing under control is good habit.
Everybody has own VIP persons, working contacts, time with closes, resting time, on-call time etc.

The QuietModes helps you manage your phone ringing volume.

Blocks that are used for ringing control:

* Calendar events (defined keywords for title, description or location), simple or repeated.
* Night sleep time (different for workdays and weekend)
* Daily quiet hours for main tasks during a week (school or work time)
* Quick temporarily silent mode for unplanned events.
* WhiteList (=who can rings every time, emergency cases) defined as part of numbers, names, groups
* BlockList (blacklist, mode dependent)
* Repeated and Missed Calls notifications, especially when whatever silent mode ends up.
* Timing Assistant functionality keeps time on track at events or meetings
* Option for solving sudden situation in emergency or phone finding with receiving special sms.
* Headset or handset mode
* Progressive volume and Beep volume options
* Ringing volume down by shake the phone
* Widgets with info and keys such as silent volume toggle and remaining time of the current event.

This app does NOT need permission to access the internet or network.

Everything is fully configurable, menu is divided into sections.

The main ring control is realized as easy-to-use with Android Calendar clarity - events filtered as a time of silence (do not disturb for meeting, theater) or as a period of loud ring (on-call, duty days). The other option is control by app or system volume buttons or menu.

Note that only the volume option 'User Audible' allows the user to set the volume level. The other volume options have preset their levels. So if you want to have old behavior, set the volume option 'User Audible' for that modes.

Some details: (see the Help)

Quiet Event Mode - set quiet ring at the time specified by calendar event. Configurable keywords for events Title, Description and Location. This mode can be paused for break or early finishing. Time overlap before or after can be notified. Suitable for planned meetings or actions in calendar. Shared calendar can be used for group meeting company or family events.

Quiet Set Mode is temporary silent mode set by user manually (quick quiet). Just slide the notification bar down, click on the app notification and use the 'Quiet Set' or 'Set' buttons to specify duration. Long press the Quiet Down for stop. This mode can be also raised with app widget, system volume keys or volume toggling.

Quiet Daily Mode keeps phone silent during weekly repeated actions if phone calendar isn't used. This mode can be paused for actual day. Suitable for work time, school time or quiet part of weekends.

Night Mode turns ringer silent during the sleep time. This mode ends up by user set time or by phone alarm clock automatically.

On-call Mode covers periods to be ready on call (doctor, security guard, rescuer, fireman, specialist, emergency worker). Just set calendar events for working periods with proper keywords. This mode shifts the other states (Quiet, QuietSet, QuietDaily and Night modes or Whitelist / Blacklist callers) with special settings to being notified in every time.


Timing assistant is special helper for measuring the event duration and notify percents, periods or last minutes. For example it can help with control the time during business meetings.

Important benefits:
- robust ringer control with many user options,
- uses calendar events with On-call possibility,
- optimized for reliability with minimal memory and CPU needs,
- Compatible also with Lollipop version

Keywords: ring volume, quiet, silent, ringing, sleep timer, event timer, missed calls, on-call, increasing ring

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