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Remote control and monitor your Raspberry Pi from your Smartphone or Tablet. WiFi or mobile.
Controls hard- and software add-ons like: PiCam/PiNoIR, PiFace Digital, Sense HAT, CodeBug, Python3 and Apache2 web-server.

Raspi-R can execute numerous Linux commands, reboot (or halt), remote control the Pi + add-ons.
All this is done via a simple user interface where you don't have to type in commands.
Just Connect, Select and Go!

You can add and connect to multiple (local/remote) Raspberry Pi's.
Tested on Raspbian "Jessie" (prefered) and "Wheezy" on Raspberry Pi A, B/B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3.

As the Raspberry Pi has a educational purpose, the Raspi-R app has the ability to (re)create your own scripts so it helps you explore and understand the posibilities of the Raspberry Pi, Linux and it's hard- and software extentions.
Use "Bash shell script files" function to view and learn which commands are submitted to the Pi.

The Raspi-R basic summary:
- Register Raspberry Pi credentials (Host/IP, user, pass, sudo, ports)
- ex- and import Raspberry Pi credentials via standard Android Share
- Linux (system, file, process, user, logs, network, ..) predefined commands
- Linux sudo (root) commands (including reboot and halt)
- Raspberry Pi device info like temperature, memory, hostname, SD-card, ...
- Linux and Apache log-files
- Python3 script examples
- Upload Python3 scripts to Raspberry Pi
- Start / stop Python scripts
- man and whatis info

Apt-get package manager:
- update and (dist-)upgrade
- rpi-update (firmware)
- install, remove and purge several packages

PiCam / PiNoIR:
- take picture (one shot, multi shot)
- record video (h264) + conversion to mp4
- all picture/video options available
- TimeLapse recording + conversion to mp4 video
- remote view pictures and (TimeLapse) video's via Apache + Raspi-R website

PiFace Digital (hardware extention on Raspberry Pi):
- remote control 8 outputs
- read status of 8 inputs
- several scripts to program the 8 outputs
- control max 4 boards (PiRack needed)
- start/stop your own Python3 (my_piface_digital.py) scripts
- foreground/background job mode

Sense HAT (Astro Pi):
- RGB Led Matrix examples
- display temperature, pressure and humidity measurements
- start/stop your own Python3 (my_sense_hat_x.py) scripts
- foreground/background job mode

CodeBug hardware add-on:
- text and pattern examples
- selectable number of loops and speed
- start/stop your own (my_codebug_x.py) scripts
- foreground/background Job Mode

Apache Web-server (used for browsing PiCam / TimeLapse results):
- start/stop, restart and status
- monitor access and error logs
- upload the Raspi-R web-files for realtime PiCam / TimeLapse viewing

Simple Secure Shell terminal:
- type & execute your own shell commands on the Pi

Each function has its own info / help screen including aditional online info. Most app/options values can be set to your needs in preferences.

Commands and actions are executed via Secure Shell (ssh). The Raspiberry Pi's credentials are secure (encoded) saved on the private storage of your Android device.

'Raspi' is one of the Rasberry Pi ® abriviations. For more information visit http:www.raspberrypi.org.
Some options of Raspi-R functions are limited unless you make a Donation (and support further development).

Have Fun!

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