Real Yandere simulator Guide

Real Yandere simulator Guide


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have to help Sakura to run and jump to collect all the hearts along the way.

Yandere is a manga game where the protagonist is a crazy girl, who overcomes challenges and people so that they do not stand in their personal goals.

The idea is for Yandere Simulator to play like one of the Hitman games. As such, you’ll need to move through the high school to find the girl you’re after, then, once found, you’ll have a number of different options to go about removing them.

Informing how easy all of this is are your sanity and reputation. Your sanity levels drop when you commit violent acts, and if it falls so far that people think you look insane, they’ll deliberately avoid you, and if Senpai sees you like that you’ll have no chance with them. Sanity also affects the tenacity of your murders: if your quite sane then the murders will be slow and sloppy, while moving closer to insane makes you quick and clean, while complete insanity will make your kills long and sadistic.


This app is unofficial Yandere simulator guide for the game and it’s not created by owner of the game.
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