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RemindScott is a reminder service that delivers text messages at a scheduled time in the future. As a service, this is different from the various apps that delay messages, because RemindScott uses a server in the cloud running 24/7 to deliver the message and not your own phone. If you are running a business like a dental office and sending out important appointment reminders, you can't rely on a phone app and need a RemindScott server-based service instead. Software crashes, reboots, or departing employees will result in the loss of hundreds of queued reminders if you only use a Phone App. Also unlike an app, RemindScott does NOT require a text messaging plan and your device does NOT need to be on or even exist at the time of delivery. It also means that non-phones such as tablets, music players, and readers can send text messages as well. Messages are received as real text messages although the caller ID will be the phone carrier's servers as opposed to the originating phone.

The most common application for delaying text messages is sending out reminders, because email and calendar alerts just don't get a person's attention as much as receiving a text message! For example, a medical office can schedule automatic appointment reminders to anyone with a cell phone. RemindScott only requires an Internet connection such as free WiFi to work. At the moment, RemindScott messages can only be sent to phones in North America. However, the sender can be anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet. Clever applications of RemindScott include time capsules for sharing information years later or sending yourself a delayed text message to get yourself out of a boring meeting or date. Likewise, preparing birthday and anniversary reminders in advance can not only save time but avoid disappointments. RemindScott was not intended to allow International users to bypass their carrier's text messaging plans when contacting North America. As such, free accounts are limited to only 2 messages per day.

Rest assured that this app has no malware or other funny business. My name (Scott Chou) and my place of employment ( are openly stated for public accountability. RemindScott has no affiliation with

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