Revenge of Blade-Endless Fight

Revenge of Blade-Endless Fight


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"Revenge of Blade" is a micro-operation fighting as the core play,exotic join the medieval myth story background risk role playing fighting hand tour.
Venture role forth into the most immersive, accomplished, and addictive chapter of the acclaimed deadly action RPG saga!

Revenge with venture,slaughter or Was slaughter;punishment with slayer the enemy,either be the slayer messy monster or be messy monster slayer!defensive talent, parry, parry, anti-injury, a righteousness,Choose a survival strategy that fits your personality Use all your action , Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills. All your favorite moves pleasure are here: punch, kick, elbow, kneeThe strategy you use to survive is up to you! Combat rage system, with the battle of the accumulation of anger value, the player will be transformed into a powerful heterogeneous people, at the expense of their weapons and skills, greatly enhance the attack power, attack speed, speed, powerful Striker killing machine, leaving only the enemy's fear of you.Train deadly to destroy villain. The natural system of another branch, but also can strengthen the ability to activate the blood of the violent, violent state more durable, more tenacious, more violent.

"Revenge of Blade"gaming strategy
the game process in addition to a wealth of exotic story experience pleasure, but also added some challenges, so that you in the fierce fighting apart, but also a role playing and adventure time of the joint storm, but also with matching challenge system,. Whether you are experienced a number of tests of senior players, or the novice edge, as long as you are familiar with the horizontal version of the game routine pass through, then you can control the game, easily defeated the strong, beheaded villain honor achievements.It is totally up to the best strategy to win! With the totally accurate placement of you will get the best results!

100% high-definition quality reduction, to experience super slayer pleasure pleasure at your fingertips!Fighters with swords, and more are waiting for you to pleasure! Don't wait, try it now!

you'll save the world in no time.And then realize there's more to this game than even that! "Revenge of Blade" you can't stop playing!

The most sophisticated battle effects and move presentation,Endless fighting perfectly restored the style of "Revenge of Blade", give you the finest role playing fighting pleasure!join hatred role game!

In medieval myth.Robert deeply loved by the people, deserve to sit on the throne。Under his rule, the earth is full of life, people are rich, world peace. But,Dirty queen jealous people to Robert love, so do everything possible to attack robert myth empires, cruelty destruction of all their lives in front of them。Dirty queen cruelty excited the people to rise against him. Dirty queen cruelty excited the people to rise against him. dirty queen hatred of authorit
Robert and justice venture warrior dirty queen overcome difficult,Go to raid queen myth empires city, For people vengeance. Empires launches the total war . dirty queen send terrifying slaughter raid to Robert。

robert conceived a profound vengeance for his enemies. They howled out their vengeance,He swore vengeance on everyone involved in the murder.He became the full vengean.
people hatred dirty queen .justice warrior to cruelty struggle. Robert attacked the terrifying messy monster with a sword. Robert justice summon titans scape. Mercy to the enemies means cruelty to the people. Robert and justice warrior killed the messy monster
Robert meets many messy monsters
Such a portentous and mysterious messy monster roused all my curiosity.
We have sworn to fight cruelty wherever we find it.
Robert created a myth with vengeance strength.
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    2017-09-03 11:16:11

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    HsGame Arcade TW

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    Android 2.3+

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    Role Playing

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