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◇◇You can enjoy this game until the end, for free!! ◇◇
◇◇This App Drama takes on the theme of Alice in Wonderland!!◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the Queen of Hearts and experience a battle with the knights sworn to protect you!◇◇

You went on a trip to England.
An unexpected series of events has you wandering into a strange world.
That world just so happens to be the same world as Alice in Wonderland.
The residents of this world claim you are the Queen of Hearts.
And then Alice invades the country of Heart!
Why were you mistaken for the Queen of Hearts?
Why must you fight Alice?
You will experience love in a world where mysteries lead to more mysteries; that’s the kind of slightly mysterious Romance App Drama this is!


◆【Loyal Fiancé who Supports you from the Shadows】Quentin
“I cannot be in a relationship that goes against the heart.”
Age: 24 Height: 187

Wonderland’s Duke. He’s the Queen’s close aide, and the strongest knight in Wonderland.
He is elite in both literary and military arts, and takes care of government affairs for you.
Quentin is the clumsy and serious type.
He can be so serious at times, his words and actions often invite misunderstandings.
He also lectures you.
However, he will put his life on the line at any time to protect you.
He’s secretly bothered by the fact he’s ignorant about fashion trends. His hobby is drawing, but he’s terrible at it (and isn’t aware of that fact).
He manipulates fire magic.

◆【Imperial Court Artist with a Hidden Darkness】Seofiras
“You were completely different from the very start. You innocently looked only at what I created.”
Age: 27 Height: 182
Seofiras is a pacifistic artist.
He loves beautiful things, including different works of art. He gets passionate when it comes to beauty.
He hates women. He rose in rank from the dark past of being the son of a harlot.
His legs are slightly damaged.
He is in charge of your clothes and accessories.
He regards the Duke as an enemy when he blasphemies art. He can use hardening magic.
(Everyone believes he can’t use magic, but he can because his father was a noble.)

◆【Strongest Warrior in Wonderland】Henry
“Lately, my heart has started pounding whenever I see you. I might be sick.”
Age: 22 Height: 178
Henry is an earl and your doctor.
He’s a very skilled fighter, and has confidence in his skills.
His family and the Duke’s have been acquainted for generations, and they’re stuck with each other because of that.
They are like childhood friends, and often mess with each other.
He has worked as a doctor for the knights until now, so although he is a doctor he’s not used to a woman’s body.
But he has high authority. He loves sweets, and is usually eating something.
He’s the foster brother to the Queen, but he hasn’t seen her in a long time.
He uses summoning magic (his summon beast is a rabbit).

◆【Oldest Being in Wonderland who knows its Secrets】Cheshire
“Shall I punish the fools who harmed you?”
Age: ?? Height: 168
He takes on the form of boy to be neutral.
He guides you and occasionally misleads you, as you are unfamiliar with Wonderland.
He looks like a child, but his personality is like an old man. His age is unknown.
He’s the only one who knows you are a fake, and acts as your advisor.
He calls you the “Fake Queen” and tries to return you to your previous world.
He’s mischievous in action and speech.
However, he does that to keep you safe. He’s the head librarian of the Imperial Archives.

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you choose?

■■Recommended for the Following People:
“Reversed Alice” is recommended for those of you who:
Love movies, dramas, manga, anime, or novels with romance as the main theme.
Love ’Alice in Wonderland'
Want to enjoy the youth of your school days.
Are interested in romance games, but don’t do well with things that are too otaku-like.
Love romance games, games about love, otome games, and Romantic Drama Apps.
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