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Rise & Grind by MuscleTech


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Rise and Grind is a complete muscle-building training and nutrition plan, but it's also a blueprint for a better way of living. Build muscle, gain strength, and cultivate positive habits over the next six weeks with your coaches—elite trainer Marc Megna and NFL champ Vernon Davis—and reap their benefits for a lifetime!
With the Rise and Grind training program, you won't be in the gym for hours on end. Nearly all of the workouts are just 5 movements for around 5 sets. There are no overcomplicated rep schemes or equipment-hogging giant sets. If you punch the clock, do the work, and hit every rep with as much determination as you can, you will grow and improve as an athlete.
One of the best things about this program: You can do it in pretty much any gym, and you don't need an extensive background in lifting to see the benefits. If you've been doing primarily full-body workouts, it can be a great introduction to the bodybuilding-style split, and if you're an advanced lifter, it’s a great change of pace from either a heavy low-rep routine or high-volume plan.

In addition to the pro-created workouts, a detailed nutrition plan, and expert supplement advice, Rise and Grind includes six motivational videos from coaches Megna and Davis. They teach you how to cultivate positive daily habits, turn obstacles into opportunities, and transform not only your body, but your entire way of life and understanding of success.

More about Rise and Grind:

• Effective 6-week fitness plan that will help you build muscle and strength
• Designed by pro trainer Marc Megna and NFL champ Vernon Davis
• Appropriate for beginner and experienced lifters
• Includes daily workouts, weekly motivational videos, a nutrition guide, and supplement advice
• Nutrition guide includes a sample meal plan and how to build the best meals for your goals
• Supplement plan to help you feel strong during your workouts and support your fitness goals
• Tap any exercise in every workout to watch a short video demonstration
• Workout tracking tool allows you to see workouts completed, skipped, and upcoming
• Weight and body fat tracking lets you to see your progress and provides major motivation
• Workout reminder notifications help keep you on track

Each day, you're going to rise and grind. Build a stronger body; build a stronger life.
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