Room cleaning girls games

Room cleaning girls games


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Good. We all like parties, we like to have fun and to make others feel good. Everybody goes to parties but few are those that remain after, noticing that remains after a night where everyone did what he wanted. Our friend made a party at her home but did not think it would be so bad, he figured it would be nice, and everyone will be fine. After everyone left the party, our friend noticed more damage, which should be repaired as soon as her parents are on the way home and she does not want parents to see this. We need to help our friend how fast and clean up in the house until the parents return. To do this you just have to follow the instructions and apply them with great precision:

1) You need to paint the walls because they have marks on them, and were greatly damaged
2) You need to wipe the floor, to clean all the dirt and throwing bottles, doses and pieces of paper in the trash.

We need to help our friend to renew their room, so have to give some ideas and suggestions in this case. Her room needs a bed, so you must find a bed that you like and you, but to love it too. After that we must seek a sofa, a wardrobe, one toy or more, a big clock that you put over the bed to see what time it is, some new curtains and last but not least, we must change the wallpaper in the room because it was tired of this very old wallpaper.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other cleaning games and games for girls online to test your skills further.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play
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