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Route Logger - Free


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Route Logger is the multi-sport, multi-activity solution for tracking and logging your speed, distance, time, pace, and direction of travel then viewing it on a map and further examining detailed activity details. This FREE version displays the last 3 routes you've logged. Route Logger is great for running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, skating, mountain biking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and even driving or riding a bus or train! Track your activity with:
* Speed (metric or imperial)
* Distance
* Time
* Pace
* Direction of travel
* Route maps
* View a detailed history of your activities to track your progress
* Seamlessly switch between metric and imperial (US) units
* Share a picture of your route map with your friends on Facebook

When you start the app, the home screen has four buttons:
1. Speedometer button: if you'd like to use it just to view your current speed, pace, direction of travel and distance without saving it
2. Route logger button: here you can log your speed, distance, time, direction of travel, and pace to view on a map and to view details once the route is complete. You can turn on the logger and leave the app, and logging will continue until you come back into the screen to turn it off.
3. Route list button: lists your routes, distances, and times. From here you can select a route and view it on a map. You can then select the map markers and view details about the route such as date, speed, pace, direction of travel, and location in 10 to 15 second intervals
4. Settings button: change settings in the app

Route Logger uses GPS to track and log your activity’s date and time, speed, pace, direction of travel and location and save them to your device. To minimize power consumption, Route Logger only uses GPS while logging a route. Once logging stops, Route Logger stops using GPS. For added privacy, all data collected stays stored in the device and is not transmitted anywhere else.

* Speedometer mode allows you to monitor your speed, travel time, distance, direction of travel and GPS accuracy without logging your route
* In Logger mode you name and record your route, view your speed, travel time, distance traveled, direction of travel, pace, and GPS accuracy. You can also pause and continue tracking your activity later
* Listen to music or use other apps while Route Logger continues logging your activity in the background. Return to Route Logger when you are ready to stop logging and save your route
* Route Logger is configurable to auto-pause logging when you answer a call
* View your list of logged routes and easily compare dates, times and distances. This free version displays the last 3 routes logged
* Manage your list of routes and delete those that you don’t want to keep
* Click on a tracked route to view your route on a map
* Share a picture of your route map with your friends on Facebook
* For each route, view your speed, pace and direction of travel by street address, if available
* Switch between imperial (US) and metric units on the fly
* Keep your phone’s screen on for as long as you want in Speedometer and Logger modes simply by selecting a checkbox

Route Logger uses location-based permissions to determine and log your location, speed, and to calculate distance traveled. Google maps require access to the internet and to data connection state. Phone state is used to determine when a call was answered so logging can be paused and when the call was ended so logging can restart. We do not monitor your phone calls, make phone calls, or record what numbers you dial or receive calls from. All data collected is kept in the device and is not transmitted anywhere else.

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