Running & Jogging Coach VO2OT

Running & Jogging Coach VO2OT


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The advance personal trainer for running and jogging for novice and advance runners

Record and measure your progress and training to improve your fitness.

NEW: Integrated social network.

Simple, very stable, powerful, with a vocal coach and a conference scheduler you can perform and record with VO2OT your run, and all kinds of training in perfect serenity by scheduling your workouts then letting yourself be guided by the speech synthesis, the beeps and vibrator (configurable functions).

Discover the features and power in VO2OT on downloading GooglePlay in the "Health and Fitness"

- The GHOST RACE: Beat your current records against the ghost of an old run ( delay or advance indicated by speech)
- Send by sms your lap
- Create, edit and train with your workouts with the VO2OT session editor (Settings: time, distance, speed,%vvo2max and speech)
- Live Sharing of your sessions
- Compatible Bluetooth SMART Decathlon Geonaute model.

Launch your gps phone before launching VO2OT app and to start a workout. The gps can only tune outside any room and House. It could take 10 seconds to 1 minute. You can read the GPS reception of with the data shown on the main screen. Datas exchangeable by clicking on the text.

NEW: Share the LIVE of your training with friends (speed, heart rate, turns, etc ...)

VO2 Optimum Training is a powerful and simple software maximizing the capabilities of your phone to record, monitor and analyze your running training and fun runs with GPS on your phone.

During development, the Endurance Athlete team focused on measurement accuracy of GPS and software ergonomics for training.

Beginners seeking a simple and free tool to reach running a program with setup and use quick and intuitive.

Experts runners will be happy to use a powerful tool equivalent to a GPS with heart rate monitor from top brands

Three test protocol VAM are included to test your fitness level and calculate the velocities of training.

The runners seeking a rapid progression may request a personal training for two weeks with Jean-Pierre Monciaux through the website VO2OT.

The software VO2OT boost your custom workout thanks to the voice synthesis and ergonomic screen.


- Simple for beginners and jogging
- Very complete for experts (Using the VvO2MAX)
- Suitable for use with complex training sessions
- Calculation calories.
- Direct access to the MP3 player for listening to music while jogging
- Intermediate times and lap time function.
- Pause function
- Coach with speech synthesis and adjustable indications (speed, distance, time)
- Tests VMA fully controlled and monitored by software
- Share your run live and live on internet (training, jogging, running)
- Share workout with social networks, sms, email ...
- Calculation of training speeds
- File and complete record of your workouts (numerous charts, data, analysis ...)
- More than 8 hours of battery life.
- GPS accuracy greater than 97% under normal use

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