Running Stickman - Minigame

Running Stickman - Minigame


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Minigame has been fun and amazing nowadays. This minigame is one of our stickman games that are not other typical running games such as Stickman Football or Stickman Basketball. We aim to make a simple hello world for mobile about stick fight. This minigame basically demonstrates a war between stickman and eraser. Not only you have to save the stick figure, but also you have to kill the shadow eraser.

You have probably seen or even drawn a Stickman at least once in your life. No matter you draw a Stickman when you are bored at school or even when you are at work, Stickman is still a nice, friendly and entertaining guy who helps you get rid of your boredom, especially he sometimes motivates you and makes you laugh so hard. Drawing a stickman is totally great and awesome for me!

This is my mobile hello world game about eraser and stick figure! Just like those cartoon movies, there is a bad shadow guy and a good fight warrior. However, it seems like our stick figure can't fight and have to run from the war.

Therefore, we have to help our Stickman! The evil eraser is coming to kill him! And our mission is to save the Stickman from the death! It is a really important mission and is waiting for you to accomplish!

+ Tap on the LEFT to add road for the TOP stickman
+ Tap on the RIGHT to add road for the BOTTOM stickman
+ The erasers will take turn on top or bottom, so watch out!
+ Try to tap as fast as you can since the eraser will kill our cartoon stick figure faster and faster throughout the time

+ Simple minigame
+ Great Cartoon Graphic
+ Scary Sound Effect
+ Addicting Running and Killing Game

We hope you enjoy this simple minigame about the cartoon stickman games. Try to make the stick figure keep running from the eraser and beat other people's score in order to become the best player in the world. Win the war and save the stickman!

Feel free to contact us for questions, comments, suggestions or bugs. Enjoy the mobile game!

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