Safari Zoo Animal Transport Truck: Animals Pickup

Safari Zoo Animal Transport Truck: Animals Pickup


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Let’s drive the heavy duty animal transporter truck and simulate all over the city and deliver some important farm and city animal. Load animals like horses, cattle, cows, bulls, ox, sheep, goat and transport them to various farms. As the festival is nearing and the need to various animals are in high requirement. This animal transporter trucking is one of the finest truck simulation games loaded with domestic farm animals. Be an expert transport tycoon truck driver and professional cargo trucker of a big trailer vehicle. Usually city domestic animals are transported into the trucks, vans, automobiles, through air or ship transport but this time you have to transport them through the tycoon transport trucks.

Get into the driving seat and simulate to drive and control your hauler offroad euro truck, show your transporter experience while moving on the dangerous road and crossing rivers with all sorts of farming and agricultural animals onto your trailer deck. it’s time to test your driving and superior steering skills, control and manage huge monster animal trailer tycoon transporter euro truck loaded with cows, sheep and goats, farm tamed horses for derby championships and racing. This mega monster jumbo animal cargo transporter truck is real heavy to carry the livestock. This simulation of driving the city animal transporter truck the skillfully enormous gigantic animal cargo euro truck driving experience. Fulfill the high demand of the domestic farm animals as required for the festival, the customers who are waiting for their animal to be delivered on time.

This animal transporter tycoon truck driver has a huge trailer, fitted with a powerful engine with lots of horsepower, the carriage van can hold a huge load of animals at the back of the cattle transporter truck, the carriage gives support for carrying different animals without damaging or injuring the precious animals. The job of a tycoon truck driver as a euro trucker is a real hectic as he needs to move from city to city through the off-road terrains, mountains, edgy road and steep rocky paths driving from village to village for delivering animals by observing the nature around and looking at farm animals like cattle, goats, cows and bulls and also wild and tamed horses.

This animal transporter truck 3D simulator driving game give you a realistic driving experiences, drive your animal truck with pride and novelty, distribute your loaded animal cargos of animals, cattle and livestock into the city and countryside to various warehouses, farming fields, city farmhouses and enjoy the realistic euro tycoon truck driving and transporter environment. Fulfill your transporter’s shipment duty from farm animal yard to various farming fields. Be safe while driving through the paddy fields, park your euro truck carefully into the city car parking lot, space allotted for the special cargo trucks, load and unload the domestic and farm animals without hurting or damaging the livestock. Be careful as sometimes these animals can go in a rage specially the horses as they are wild and tamed but can give the tycoon truck driver and the supporting staff a real hard time, beware of the angry bull as they usually try to escape and run into the city. This farm animal transporter truck will enhance your driving experience with most realistic animal transporter services and simulator game.

Animal Transporter Truck 3D Features:
• Classic Farm Animals.
• Realistic Cattle & Animals.
• Realistic village farm environment 
• Attractive 3D environment
• Smooth & easy driving controls
• Realistic mountains and off road environment
• Trailer and truck Parking
• Cargo transport challenges
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