Sailware (Sailboat Racing)

Sailware (Sailboat Racing)


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Sailware allows sailboat racers to input courses and track progress to the next mark in a race with information such as VMG to course, angle to the next mark, and time/distance to the layline. Sailware also provides tools to help sailboat racers time the start of the race. Each yacht race's GPS track is recorded so that it can be reviewed post race.

Key Features:

Import/Export courses and marks in GPX format. Easily attach GPX files to e-mail with the Sailware sharing features and import e-mail attachments and files by simply selecting them in the app to launch Sailware GPX importing. With Sailware Premium you can export GPS tracks for completed races.

Sailboat racers will appreciate the ability to differentiate marks by color and type and to label the starboard or port rounding. Marks are automatically advanced as you get near to them.

The race timer can be set for a standard countdown of any length. With Sailware Premium, the start time can be set to a specific time of day and even to the second to handle pursuit starts. Once the race timer is set, sailboat racers can easily adjust the timer to match the committee boat.

If sailboat racers set a start line then Sailware can indicate whether the sailboat is early or late to the start. Sailware adjusts to the size and GPS placement of your yacht, so make sure to configure your boat information in the settings.

Sailware records the GPS track for each regatta that can be reviewed later. Sailboat racers can playback the race or view a track of the entire race on a google map. This is very useful for updating mark locations if the initially entered coordinates do not match reality.

Sailware supports google maps for sailboat racers to view boat position relative to the next mark. The display shows the current boat position, bearing, and the target mark. An overlaid compass shows the bearing. In addition the layline is shown.

In addition to VMC (VMG to course), Sailware calculates and informs sailboat racers whether the sailboat is on the shortest leg to the mark. This feature can be especially helpful when the next mark is far away or not visible.

All text readings are shown in white font on a black background to maximize readability in all conditions.

A premium subscription supports advanced post race analysis such as tools to review the tacking angles, a color coded "heat" track that visually represents boat speed during the race, and the ability to filter out pre and post race maneuvers. Export the GPS track of past races and courses to the GPX standard format. Android Wear watch support is also available with the premium subscription.

Premium Features:

Knowing what tacking angles your sailboat is capable of in various conditions can help sailboat racers better choose when to tack in order to make the mark. With a premium subscription sailboat racers can get a better idea of their yacht's typical tacking angles in various conditions.

Export the GPX track of past sailboat races and load it into third party tools.

Once the race is set up on the phone, sailboat racers can manage the entire race from an android wear watch. Just put the phone somewhere safe nearby with good GPS reception and the watch app can give sailboat racers the most critical information about their progress toward the next mark. Even the start timer can be started, stopped, and adjusted from the watch once it has been initially set up on the phone. Or give the watch to a crew member and keep the phone in the cockpit so that key tactical information is more available to everyone on the racing team.

Keep the crew in sync at the start with the premium advanced start timer features. When the audible start timer is enabled times are announced at key intervals allowing the entire crew to keep in sync. Also, use the time of day timer for pursuit starts or races with a fixed reliable start time to easily set the timer way ahead of time and always be aware of how long till the start of the race.
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