Samurai's Creed - Ninja War - Warrior Clan Fight

Samurai's Creed - Ninja War - Warrior Clan Fight


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You are a descendant of a powerful lineage of samurais, a warrior family. You were grown in the creed of samurais and you assume this Samurai's creed like yours. You have the blood of a professional assassin running through your veins!
On the opposite side, there are ninja clans coming also from great warriors families with an honour code: Protect the population and finish up with all the samurai assassins. This is an open war between these ninja clans and samurais! Are you going to honour your samurai's creed?

- Choose your favourite samurai to start an endless race fighting for your survival in the middle of the war between samurais and ninjas!
- Realistic scene of a medieval town at night with incredible graphics!
- Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favourite character and enjoy this funny game!
- Fast paced races were you need to avoid every enemy attack
- Easy mobile control for all skill levels that will help you to immerse in this addictive games
- All the obstacles are randomly distributed at the start of each checkpoint, making races always a fresh experience
- Appropriate for kids and adults who love ninja games

Are you ready to stop the ninjas? Start now this race and find it out yourself!
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