Save the Crazy Witch

Save the Crazy Witch


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Save the Crazy Witch is about an Evil Witch that you will never forget. Its all comes down to save your Pretty Evil Witch from the evil forces you can ever think of, by using her magical powers. She is trying to reach her Final Destination. Let us all try to help her reach it. You can find various enemies who are trying to kill your Pretty Evil Witch. You all need to save her and let her reach the Final Destination.

* Includes Choice of Controller
(i) Ball Joystick (Default)
(ii) Arrow Joystick

* More Enemies to come
* More excitement to come


In-App Purchases:

Buy additional In-App Purchase Packages for the following:

1) 100 Booms/PowerUP's

2) 2 Witch Lives + 2 Enemy Escapes

3) 6 Witch Lives + 6 Enemy Escapes

4) 8 Witch Lives + 8 Enemy Escapes + Remove Ads


Save the Crazy Witch is an Awesome reality game that you can ever play. You feel the game when you play it. The Graphics let you dive in to the game and save your pretty Witch from the evil forces. We tried to make the game play easier to the Witch fans without any Hassles & Complexity. The game is complex but yet simple to play.

The Witch has the following:

1) Magical Witch Lives - You can buy more Lives to save her and reach the Final destination and let her Rest In Peace.

2) Enemy Escape Powers/Counts- which allows her to be invisible from Enemies and do not need to kill them in order to follow her destination path. -- You can add additional counts by Purchasing so that she does not waste her magical powers to reach her Destination.

3) Booms/Blast /Power Up's - A definite Power which allows your Witch to use an extraordinary Magical Power to Burn her evil enemies together at once using her magical powers which are trying to kill her and that she cannot handle them at once. - Increase her Boom/Blast Powers by purchasing 100 PowerUPs package in the game.

4) Magical Fire Button - Lets your Witch kill her enemies with Magical fires.

5) Includes Choice of Controller
(i) Ball Joystick (Default)
(ii) Arrow Joystick

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