Scale (Cloud Based ERP)

Scale (Cloud Based ERP)


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Shingora Technologies is a custom Software Developing firm that offers IT outsourcing services along with a range of ERP solutions. Confirming to the highest standards, each product developed by us seeks to best serve the customer.
Managing HR is a tough job and managing it seamlessly can be excruciating. As the data related to payroll, attendance, leaves and employee details gets bigger and more complicated, the calculations can stump the most seasoned hands. SCALE lets you work your way through the most complex data smoothly and easily. It lets any kind and amount of data and processes get streamlined in way that can be managed effectively and efficiently.
Simplicity is the best feature any product can boast of and SCALE is founded on it. Far removed from the complex spreadsheets and traditional management systems, it is easy enough for just about anyone to use. It requires no training, no technical educational qualifications and no previous experience. Anyone who has handled their own social media account is more than qualified to work on it.
We understand money's worth, yours and ours. We believe in making every paisa work the most and in keeping with this belief, SCALE makes sure you get the maximum value for your money. Perfectly suited for startups, small and medium enterprises, your search for a budget friendly product ends here. SCALE is optimally priced, with simple price slabs, sans any hidden expenses like sign up fees, licensing fees or minimum commitments, and delivering exactly what it says it does.
Tackling payroll is a dreaded job that comes with a lot of responsibility. Given the complexity involved, it comes as no surprise that all enterprises are looking for an easier solution to manage it. SCALE offers a simple way to check your Attendance and apply leaves that too in an effective and easy to use format with a need-based template. That, and our dedicated customer support makes it the winning choice hands-down.
Traditional Payroll management methods make it difficult to scale them up as your company grows. When Small, Medium and Startup enterprises grow, the increase in data and work volume of HR or payroll makes it very problematic, requiring dedicated manpower. SCALE dispenses the need for a team to look after payroll and any amount of increase in work and data is seamlessly integrated into the existing system. By growing to suit your needs, SCALE gives you fresh and perfectly synchronized solutions for your requirements.
Using SCALE is the best way of knowing its utility. It is amazingly flexible, giving you the freedom to change it as you change. Fulfilling your requirements is our ultimate goal and we make sure that each one is taken good care of. What you recommend, we implement. We are in a continuous quest to enhance your experience with SCALE, to tweak it to be perfectly aligned with your business.
SCALE is not just a software; it is your most trusted ally. The very basis of it is to create a platform that you can blindly put all your faith in and depend on at all times. Rest assured, we have designed it to be fail-proof, not just for your sake but because the performance of our products reflects on us. And we cherish your trust in us more than anything else.
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