Science Game - Magnetism Waves

Science Game - Magnetism Waves


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Unleash the Einstein within you - LEARN SMARTER WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY.

You can learn science the old way through books and boring lectures or learn SMART - in your own way, at your own pace, in your own time. Like a musical instrument, Science is best learnt by doing, trying out and making mistakes.

"...a good quality educational app that offers a great deal for both the learner and the teacher" - 4 stars - Educational App Store
"Awesome I like it. It is very useful" - 5 stars - shashank dkshetty
"Love it Game maker... I know this is the perfect game for me to learn because I want to be a scientist I think this will inspire me to know a lot more ..." - 5 stars - flickerwatch
"Science! Entertainment!entertainment ! And science" - 5 stars - prakash guddimath

No more boring videos and books which TEACH.
This app encourages you to LEARN.

The Science Game is a fun app to learn school science and physics through games on a touchscreen device. Become a scientist as you explore the Science Park and learn Electromagnetism and Waves in 2D and 3D models.

+ PLAY - Physics comes alive as you play games, do your own experiments.
+ CONCEPTS - Over 200 concepts in magnets, coils, dynamos and motors.
Over 100 concepts in Waves.
"See" charges, electric currents, waves and fields and VISUALIZE the science.
+ HOW THINGS WORK - Understand how things like microphones, TV's, electric bells, FM waves work.
+ MOCK EXAM - Diagnostic test, spot assessments, quizzes and mock exams drill down to basic concepts.
+ REPORTS - Track your performance with time and concept coverage reports and earn badges.
+ SHARE - Learn along with other players as you challenge them and earn points.
Refer friends to earn upgrades to higher levels.
+ SYLLABUS - Support for CBSE, IGCSE, NGSS, ACARA, KTO12 syllabus standards for 9th and 10th grades.
+ DAILY TIDBIT - Interesting daily tidbit about electromagneism and waves and their applications.

Never before has science been so accessible and so much fun.
Now also available for Educational Institutions with Edmodo, Google Classroom integration.

Become a Science GURU. Try Science Game Today!!!
Kids find this way of education much better than the conventional school systems. This app gives children the opportunity to explore science concepts by
1. Doing various experiments as part of games. This way the basic concepts are understood by the kids.
2. As they play the games, helpful hints and guides explain the phenomena.
3. The applications provide real life validation and examples of how these theories are used.
4. The quiz questions at the end act as a tutorial.
5. Probes, which are like mini-games, review the science and keep them on their toes.
6. Challenge competitions with other kids enliven the learning.
7. Lots of examples and applications - dynamos, motors, Frequency modulation, Amplitude modulation, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic induction, ultrasonic waves, standing waves, music and resonance.

Learning science through books and videos is like learning to fly an airplane with videos. This app provides a "flight simulator" for science to drill in the concepts.

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