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Science News Daily - Fastest Science News App


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Why is "DAILY SCIENCE NEWS" the best Science News app?
* It is the fastest science news app. Loads up the news feed as soon as you run the Science app. Browse and read more news in less time.
* Hundreds of latest science news and articles added daily. You will never miss anything from the science world.
* News are gathered from the best science news sources.
* Instant search function to find news on your favorite topic.
* News from various fields of science. A science app where there is always something interesting to read for every one.
* More than 10000 science news and articles to browse, search and read. You can scroll news for as long as you smart phone RAM allows you to.
* Get Science News from only those topics which you select. Turn off news for the categories in which you are not interested.
* News Bookmark Manager to save and maintain links to your favorite science news for future reference.
* Last but not least, an active team regularly maintains and updates the app for a wonderful user experience.

Get to know about the latest science discoveries in various fields of science and stay up to date. This science app covers fifteen major fields of science making sure that you do not miss anything. It is an all in one science news app that provides you the latest happenings in the following major fields of science. Whether you are an Astronomer, Physicist, Biologist, Chemist, Mathematician, Technologist, Engineer or have interest in Health or Medical Science, Nanotechnology, Earth Sciences, Genetics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Industries or Social Sciences, we got it all covered in the "Science News Daily" app.

1. Space News: This tab shows astronomy news and keeps you updated about new space discoveries and missions.
2. Technology News: This tab provides you with all the latest happenings in the tech world. Stay up to date about all the geeky stuff and tech news.
3. Physics News: This tab keeps you up to date with news from the world of physics. Know about the latest discoveries, experiments, researches and breakthroughs made by physicists.
4. Biology News: The biology tab keeps you informed about the life sciences world and the further advances made by biologist.
5. Chemistry News: This section provides news for those who love chemistry and want to keep themselves up to date about the latest findings in Chemistry.
6. Mathematics News: This tab covers the news from the world of Mathematics and how it is being used in latest research and problem solving.
7. Health News: The health category covers health and medical news, and how the medical scientist are advancing in finding cure for our health problems.
8. Environment News: This news section is especially for environmentalists who wants to stay updated about the latest environmental concerns and Earth Sciences
9. Nanotechnology News: Nanotechnology is the revolutionary science of the future and this news tab will keep you updated about it.
10. Archaeology News & Anthropology News: The only science app that provides news for archaeologists and anthropologists.
11. Earth Science News: Provide you with latest happenings in the world of Geology, Geo Physics and other Earth Sciences subjects.
12. Engineering
13. Genetics News
14. Industrial News
15. Other Science News
16. Social Science News

App Features:
1. Instant loading of News. Much faster than other science apps.
2. Minimal design and less options. Run the science app and read the news.
3. Scroll up and down to browse news within a category. Unlimited scroll.
4. Swipe left and right to browse news in different categories.
5. Turn news on or off from a specific category.
6. Bottom Navigation Bar for quick access to Categories Selector and Bookmark Manager.
7. Share button on top right corner to share the news.
8. Search option on the top bar to find news as per your interest.
9. Source news browser to read the complete news.
10. Bookmark manager to save and manage links to your favorite news for future reference.
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