Scientific Experiments:

Scientific Experiments:


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Welcome to this new application of free scientific experiments, application devoted solely and exclusively to the world of science with games scientific experiments easier to do and funny kids, for your kids learn the wonders of chemistry, physics, mathematics and science of nature in a fun and entertaining way, with the initiation of easy games and tricks for the smallest of the house, to more complex scientific experiments for older adults and for successfully excellent results, for which the application has a high content of free videos and educational tutorials for step by step realization and an easy and simple way of each experiment.

Mom and Dad, scientific experiments, is an ideal opportunity for your children to learn the laws of science, in an easy and simple way, all free and a great complement to their education and school work or school application. It is also targeted to seniors and adults if you like science experiments will like this application, since there is a set of tools for learning each experiment easy implementation that will be of great help for improving this hobby.

Also, the application has content to Spain, England, the United States, Portugal, Brazil, France, Italy and Germany as it has been translated into Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German, with only one clip on the home screen can select the language that you like the application and find videos in all these languages ​​that we've discussed as experiments with water, physics experiments, make magic foam, balloons that do not explode, pepper fleeing, the magical disk, chocolate dancer, the fluid goes away, as do ultra resistant, bubbles and mist formed, home experiments, homemade volcano, a glove that has life, career ice, flying ring, the balloon is inflated alone, lamp homemade lava, magnetism, communicating vessels, egg floating .............

We all tutorials scientific experiments free comes in the form of videos and can play as many times as you want in online mode, until you learn every job, so do not waste your time and please download free this application and you will not regret as the success is assured in your new project.

Is a good day to start enjoying the world of science Scientific Experiments riding your own lab at home, because with this application, children and adults can enjoy together at the home of the wonders of physics and chemistry, and your better use of the application, this will record your tutorial videos already seen and will mark the new videos that have been updated to not waste time and enjoy the easiest way to Free Science Experiments. So do not waste more time and please download this free application on your mobile (cell) or Tablet and you will not regret, enjoy from home the wonderful world of science.

Remember that scientific experiments, it is totally free and you can download it on your mobile (cell) or tablet and share by Whasapp and Facebook and other social networks with your friends, family, coworkers, etc.
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