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Sea Animal Encyclopedia


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Sea Animal Encyclopedia is a vast collection of interesting sea creatures and marine animals facts from the most interesting and unique species out there.

The facts include information to an animal's respective length, behavior, geographical habitats, common name, scientific name and more.

Did you know?
The vast ocean itself has some over 1 million species recorded so far. In our Sea Animal Encyclopedia, we narrowed down the many, many marine life and sea creatures all around the globe and collected only the rarest, most interesting of their species. It will definitely be a treat for anybody who wants to learn more about wildlife and nature, especially sea life of the deep sea.

Although some of the species on our animal encyclopedia does not holistically classify as a sea creature, such as the Salt Water Crocodile which is named so because they are commonly spotted far out at sea, we just can't resist to enlist them in our app due to their interesting nature and behaviors. Please download our app today and have a read yourself, you will surely enjoy it!

Encyclopedia on sea creatures and marine life is are interesting and should be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially children and youngsters who just started learning about the world around us.

Learn more about this with our Sea Animal Encyclopedia and enrich your knowledge on the many wonders of mother nature and learn to identify rare sea creatures with common ones. Knowledge is power and what better way to increase that through reading, reading encyclopedias of proper facts on specific subjects of course.

In this case, Sea Animal Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia about animals. Wildlife Encyclopedia is one of the most interesting reading materials out there.

App features and highlights
• 100% Free
• Functions offline
• Beautiful Pictures
• Cool facts with a single touch
• Picture Puzzle for fun!
• Suited for all ages
• User friendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate
• It promotes fun education
• Vibrant and beautiful theme for all ages

The many sea creatures and marine life in this encyclopedia include as follows:

Atlantic Black Marlin
Bigfin Squid
Black Seadragon
Black Swallower
Blue Ocean Slug
Blue-Ringed Octopus
Chamber Nautilus
Clown Frogfish
Coconut Crab
Dory Fish
Dumbo Octopus
Dwarf Seahorse
Fiddle Ray
Flamingo Tongue Snail
Flowerhead Jellyfish
Flying Fish
Frilled Shark
Giant Clam
Giant Hatchet Fish
Giant Isopod
Great Hammerhead Shark
Japanese Spider Crab
Leafy Seadragon
Lion's Mane Jellyfish
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Mantis Shrimp
Megamouth Shark
Mimic Octopus
Moon Jellyfish
Northern Stargazer
Ocean Sunfish
Parrot Rainbow Fish
Portuguese Man O' War
Predatory Tunicate
Red Lion Fish
Red Lipped Bat
Reef Trigger Fish
Ribbon Eel
Salt Water Crocodile
Sarcastic Fringe Head
Atlantic Blue Marlin
Triton's Trumpet
Vampire Squid

This Sea Creatures Encyclopedia is a professionally and beautifully designed app where users can spend their time and gain more knowledge about the animals of the ocean all over the world.

It is currently a developing e-book encyclopedia and we will be updating from time to time for more species!
All you want to know about the most common and most interesting sea animal facts are ready for your to explore with our user-friendly app.

Each individual sea life entry gives you a fascinating photograph and details as much interesting information as possible on their habitat, geographic location, size, and behavior. Each entry also contains the common names and scientific names of the animal. Browse through the many selections in this Animal Encyclopedia.

In our app, we handpicked only the most interesting sea life species for our users to read and spent a lot of time to perfect our humble app.

Please do rate and share our app if you like it.
Download the app today and learn more about mother nature. Enjoy our app!
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