Sea Escape Story Raft Survival

Sea Escape Story Raft Survival


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Let’s you take in the adventures world of survival missions 2017, escape island & craft raft as raft survival hero and make sea escape story in survival island and teach how to survive in jungle without any kind of source as a jungle survival hero escape.As us army ocean survival its a sea battle against the wild shark and try to escape like raft war.Hunt wild animal for safety and food, be the survival fighter hero & enjoy life of a man who has got on a desert island.

The most extreme lost island proved to be a complete disaster as the big ship got wrecked in the middle of the ocean water and your were the lost on a mystery Island. Luckily you got landed on an extreme lonely island of Middle East where you are going to fight for your survival of your life by crafting a raft.So, get ready to explore the Mystery Island and battle against the danger of jungle or Island. Make the best sea adventure escape story from the Island on a dangerous lonely island where a big adventure is waiting for you to entertain.Challenging escape missions lay ahead over island survivor hero! Will you be able to fight and survive successfully to save your life?Complete missions make your survival on the island and escape mission successful. Build a raft for the ultimate survival and mark the best raft sea escape story of 2017

Your successful survival depends upon how passionate you to escape the island via raft an extreme island adventure game ready for you as army war survival simulator,Survival on this wilderness is a tough challenge where you need to gather different resources likes ropes,woods,stones & axe to build a strong raft and make your stay on the island safe and long time. Be the survival fighter hero and get ready for crafting and building is a survival game where you are trying to survive in open world to find tools for your survive and resources that would help you in crafting big raft as a carfting hero,us army hero which helps you escape the sea.Wild animals are roaming freely on the island,so be cautious and defend you from island wilderness and other dangers tasks that you complete in each level.An extreme full of horror island adventure is waiting for you where you show your skills and need to implement all possible escape path and survival skills to successfully escape from the Land of Survival Island through sea after crafting a strong big raft or boat which helps you to escape from the all difficulties.Make a super survival sea escape story of horror land with your realistic crafting & fighter skills to explore the island wilderness carefully and save yourself from wild animals.Island survival hero find cave for your stay and take rest there and make planning for their survival,Swim in the lake,build fences,find ropes,build shelter,burn fire,fight,hunt animals for food,build raft out of woods & ropes and escape the island by making a super hit sea escape story which is out of world.

Enjoy the best survival sea adventure simulator of 2017 on a strange unknown island as a real escape hero of 2017 where you need to stay alive at any cost to mark your name as the real island survival fighter of the century which remembers in history.So ready for island adventure by completing different tasks be a survival island evolve its a lost world escape mission
Features of crafting game
- survival island 2017 : savage & survival island,oceans,escape missions
- Different island survival missions to survive in island, jungle, mountains, oceans.
- Crafting and surviving on raft ,Find Tools,Swimming games & much more for the fun
- Amazing Adventure Simulator game
Lets download raft survival sea escape story of a raft survivor & enjoy the real raft survival 2017 also enjoy best raft sea escape story as a survival fighter hero.Improve your swimming, hunting, crafting, raft survival, exploring,fighting and escaping skills with this adventure simulator to make the best raft survival sea escape story in strange island.
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