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Sensational ify is a multi talented,hard working,& career focused mother, & singer/songwriter/performer from Biafra Eastern part of Nigeria. She was originally born in Warri, Delta State to parents from Imo State. She moved to Lagos in 2007 to work on her dream of becoming a well known & respected Performing artist in her own country.

Making use of increasing Internet connectivity in Nigeria, Sensational Ify has focused her initial music promotion & marketing in this domain, building up a very respectable fan based not only in Nigeria, but in most countries throughout Africa, and even further afield across Europe, the USA & Asia.
Her self-produced "Dirty Girl" album was released for worldwide Internet sales in 2010.
She is currently on the lookout for other ways to get her music played across Nigeria (& Africa in general), where she feels that current on-line music sales is still limited to a small "wealthier" minority only.

Having taken time off from local live band performance in 2011 to focus on her personal life, Sensational Ify has, in 2012, been writing, recording & promoting many new singles while preparing a full album to further promote her own unique Naija Hip Hop sound & to claim her place as a genuine, exciting & creative female artist in an otherwise male dominated Naija music environment.

Her recent promoted singles include "Nnem Oma", "Okwu Uka ", Woman", "Mr DJ" Ft. Blue South, & the newly released "Gidi Gidi" featuring W4 & Henry Knight, & "My Prayer", featuring General Pype.....from 2012 to 2013.

Current activity at the time, includes promoting the her music videos for "Gidi Gidi" by Clearance Peters, and her social consciousness song, "My Prayer". A video short by Patrick Elis. Sensational Ify has recorded more beautiful and danceable songs like "Aya Nma" & "Ije Love", included in the recent "My Prayer" album yet to be released.

Further more and recent activities/ updates on her career....., Sensational Ify moved to Malaysia where she based for 4years. During her stay in Malaysia, she took/ expand her music career to a different/ higher ground. This time she had a calling of fulfilling her promises to God. Sensational Ify has gone further in recording a Gospel album. This time she recorded, Launched and released a double album titled "My Will", and "Call on Him". These beautiful piece of work has been making wave in Malaysia especially "My Will" album which has 15tracks.
Sensational Ify has ministered some powerful songs from her "My Will" album, songs like "Heavenly praise", "Heavenly Rated", "Adonia", "Purify Me", Send down Your Power Lord", and many more in different churches in Malaysia.

She is desperate to spread the word of God through her ministration. Hope and pray to touch and bless souls with her ministration.

A big thanks to all her fans for the fantastic support & motivating comments received to date on her various websites @ (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Reverbnation). This is the kind of response that gives the artists the motivation they need to continue in such a not easy business.....

Welcome to her Facebook pages. Hope and pray you like what you see and hear. Please continue to motivate, support and help Sensational Ify grow Spiritual in her new music career and ministration. Help her in Spreading the good work....God bless you.

Xxx "Sensational Ify" xxx.
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