Sense-it (sensors)

Sense-it (sensors)


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Do you need a set of sensors to collect data for your project? You may already have it on your Android device!

Sense-it gives access to all the sensors on your smartphone or tablet devices. If you are curious about the sensors your device may have and what you might do with them, use this app to record data and generate graphs from your sensors, or check the type and hardware model of your sensors.

How can you use your sensors?

You can use your sensors to collect data for a project or investigation. You can set up "projects" by selecting the sensors you need and deciding on the rate at which they log data (e.g., samples per second). The Sense-it app will produce a log of the sensor data, visualize it in graphs, export it as a CSV file, so you can share it with others (e.g., through email). The data you collect could be further processed by using other software, such as spreadsheet programs.

The app is linked to the nQuire-it site ( You can link to nQuire-it missions, then add data on your Android device, or you can create your own mission for other people to join and contribute data.

Depending on the hardware of your Android device, you may have access to the following sensors:

* Accelerometers and gravity sensors
* Gyroscope and compass
* Magnetic field
* Proximity
* Light intensity
* Ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity

The Sense-it app implements further software sensors including:

* Sound intensity, using the device's microphone.
* Location, using GPS.
* Network signal strength.

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