Seven - Card Game

Seven - Card Game


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Four cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards are in the play deck. He begins to throw a card who won the last game.

Round: The players throw one card. The trick is taken by last card which is seven or has the same value (not the color) as the first card of the round. If nobody throws a card of same value or the seven, the trick goes to the first player.

Round end: The round ends if the player who started the round does not want or cannot continue. He can continue by playing a round-taking card.

Next round is started by the player who took the last round.

In the end of each round all players receive cards from the play deck to have four card or if there is not enough to have the same number of cards.

It is the end of the game when there is no cards left. It is the winner who has the most of the points.

Common victory is for one point. 90:0 is for two points and winning all rounds is for three points.

The game ends immediately if four cards of the same value are played in the row. The winner is the one who plaeyd the last card. Such victory is worth of five points. For four tens it is ten point and for sevens it is fifteen.
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