Shooting Gallery Deluxe

Shooting Gallery Deluxe


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This game has 3 modes:

Circle Challenge: In this mode you are surrounding by a total of 32 objects. You will be shown a target to hit (top right hand corner) and you will have to hit it as fast as possible to get the most points. The number of points available starts at 1000 and this number rapidly decreases down to 0 over the next 5 seconds of being shown an object. If you hit the wrong target you will get 1000 points taken off your total.

Shooting Gallery: This is the traditional shooting gallery mode, in which you will be shown the points available for each object before starting the game. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to accumulate as many points as possible.

Moving Targets: In this mode objects will be thrown up into the air and you will need to shoot them before they fall back down to the ground. The smaller the targets the more points they are worth.

The default controls make use of your device's gyroscope, so to play the game hold your device out in front of you and move it up, down and around to look around the room. You can do this standing or sitting on a swivel chair. To shoot just tap anywhere on the screen.

Alternatively you can play sitting down using the joystick controls, of which the joystick on the left is for looking around and the red button on the right is for shooting. The sensitivity can be adjusted from the main menu.

Your high scores will be shown in the main menu. The default weapon is a revolver, but if you want more firepower then an AK47 is available via an in-app purchase!

*Optimized for Google Nexus 2013

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