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Forget paper and pen, creating the shopping list at home quietly and ConsultancyAssessment on your phone to get to the store.
  It is well known that carry the shopping list out of the house becomes more efficient and cost our visit to super.Ya have no excuse, start saving money, make a LIST SHOP.

Shopping List gives you the possibility to create your own permanent list ('Create a permanent list') editing the catalog keyboard or voice inserting the product, this will facilitate the work because the list created will remain in Buy List until you uninstall the application.
At any time you can edit the category deleting or inserting more products in 'Create a permanent list ...'.

1- You choose products by category, when you finish the category you review the list deleting any product or introducing other by VOZ if required in 'List view ..'.
2-Guard products selected and reviewed and raisins to another category
3-When you finish everything, close the application and go quietly shopping
4-Once in the store and recover open the application list on 'Retrieve list'.
5-You have the ability to share your list after pressing the button "Share List" menu will open your android "Complete action using .." which lets you choose among all applications installed on the phone that allow this option, the one you interested and award it in a predetermined way to send your lists in the future. (Whattshap, Riber, Google +, etc ....).
6-A from version 4.0, Buy List gives you the option to enter the price of products purchased, if for any reason you go wrong when you press the purchased product can return to the main product list automatically subtracting the total amount

Note: If you do not delete the list on the next purchase products would join the list still remains active, the last

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    2017-09-16 03:00:11

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    vicente j. gomez

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    Android 2.3+

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