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The news reader provides a better reading experience to you, nice interface, easy to use, fast loading and low power consumption.

We are not simply loading the webpage directly, we will load the news content natively, the loading speed will be faster, and because there is no extra content are loaded, it will save your mobile date.

Read Singapore popular newspapers in this one stop news reader, user can select the news from the following source:
- The Straits Times
- Today Online
- Channel NewsAsia
- MyPaper
- Channel 8 News
- The New Paper
- Yahoo News Singapore
- Lianhewanbao
- OMY News
- 大榴莲网
- Stomp news
- 文学城
- 万维网
- AsiaOne
- LianHeZaoBao
- Business Times
- Singapore Promotion
More newspapers are coming...

Check Singapore weather in one app also
- PSI monitor

1. Categories: including all the latest SG news and Top stories, Singapore, Asia, World news, Politics, Lifestyle, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Tech, Finance news. Swipe to switch between categories, easy to use, fast loading.

2. Re-ordering: user can change the order of newspaper, categories.

3. Font size: change font size while you are reading, or change it in app setting page.

4. Favorite news: like the news for later reading, or when there is no data connection.

5. Sharing: share the news to facebook...

6. Saving power: optimise the power usage, saving power for your phone.

7. Night mode: well design night mode for low light reading.

8. PSI monitor: Monitor Singapore Haze levels by 3hr, 24hr PSI and 1hr PM2.5, show notification when PSI level reaches alert level, share the screenshot of PSI level to social media.

9. Offline reading: can download the news for offline reading. Cache can be cleared in setting page.


* The datasets provided by the Singapore Government and its Statutory Boards via are governed by the Terms of Use available at To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Singapore Government and its Statutory Boards are not liable for any damage or loss of any kind caused directly or indirectly by the use of the datasets or any derived analyses or applications.

* Any analysis or transformation of data are made by this app shall not be attributed to the Singapore Government or its Statutory Boards

* The application is provided free of charge. We will use all our reasonable endeavour to present the data accurately. However, we will not be liable for any loss of damage suffered because of any inaccuracy in the data presented.
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