SME Cloud File Manager

SME Cloud File Manager


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SME Cloud File Manager unifies the management, access and sync of different Cloud Storage Providers whilst promoting 'joined up' collaboration for SaaS or Enterprise users of the Storage Made Easy service.

For business/enterprise users pre-set governance policies will be honoured by the App and all interactions audited and available from the Web Compliance Dashboard.

For SaaS users FREE 5GB of Storage (hosted on Amazon S3) is provided on sign up PLUS the ability to add 3 Clouds PLUS 150MB per month access to data in stored clouds using the WebDav protocol (even if mapped Clouds do not natively support WebDav). SME WebDav works great with WPS Office!

Problems purchasing or getting not compatible message? Contact us and we'll send a direct link.


- Amazon S3 (inc. GovCloud)
- Amazon Cloud Drive
- Microsoft OneDrive (free and business)
- Google Drive
- Google Storage (+ Nearline)
- Google Sites
- Box
- Egnyte
- OwnCloud (via WebDav connector)
- GMail
- Email (IMAP)
- FTP /FTPS / SFTP Clouds
- WebDav Clouds
- Azure Storage
- Zimbra Briefcase
- DropBox
- CloudMe
- SafeSync (webdav)
- SharePoint
- Office365
- BaseCamp
- RackSpace Storage
- OpenStack Swift
- SwiftStack
- SoftLayer
- HP Helion
- SalesForce
- SugarSync
- EMC Atmos (inc. Telus)
- iKeepinCloud
- IBM Connection Files
- Scality
- PogoPlug
- Evernote
- Memset
- Cloudian
- Amplidata
- Huddle
- Jive
- Ceph
- Aquari Object Storage
- Igenous Object Storage
- OpenIO Object Storage
- IBM Cloud Object Storage
- IBM BlueMix
- Minio (via Open S3 connector)

Support for S3 compatible Clouds such as Eucalyptus Walrus, Nifty Cloud, Connectria, Constant Cloud, Tiscali Cloud, GreenQloud, SeeWeb Cloud, Riak CS, LunaCloud, HostEurope, Dunkel Storage, Caringo Swarm etc

Support for other OpenStack Clouds such as CloudVPS

**Note Please don't leave bad comments if a Cloud Provider changed their implementation. We cannot control this and update as soon as we can.**

Features include:

- Manage multiple Clouds in a single view. Easily move files between different clouds (done in the background using a task engine)

- Folder Sync between Device & Clouds. This can be scheduled & includes Cloud Folders from more than one cloud (if your device appears not to be supported, please contact us)

- Copy/Paste files from one Cloud to another using the Cloud Clipboard

- Upload files to the device by turning the App into a HTTP / FTP Server that you can connect to from any browser or FTP client

- File Upload: Upload file, photos, videos etc directly from your Android device

- Create Text Notes directly in the App & Sync to any cloud. Create Folder categories & note hierarchies

- Local Files: Downloaded files are available on the device until deleted. Cut & Paste local device files.

- Open Cloud stored files into other Apps ie. Office / Picture editors etc.

- 'Cloud View' feature enables viewing of documents directly in web browser without downloading (like BlackBerry) using Google Viewer. See for supported file types.

- Securely share files easily via Email, set a password protected URL with optional link expiry.

- Share Multiple links: Share multiple file links over email from multiple different storage clouds by adding them to the Cloud Clipboard.

- Collaboration. Create Sharing Groups directly from the device & easily share files with invited group users.

- Search for files across multiple Clouds that are mapped to your account.

- Cloud Providers: Add/Delete/Manage your cloud providers in real time. Where Cloud providers support OAuth delegated security, we use it.

See documentation for a full overview:

If you have an issue or don't understand something please don't just submit a negative comment on the marketplace. We are very responsive and will respond to any issues you raise with us using the Support AT StorageMadeEasy Dot Com email address.

Supports Phone and Tablets.
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