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SmileSesame Mobile App is the easiest way for people considering invisible braces like invisalign® to get a free consultation and be on their way to achieving the smile they have always wanted without all the hassle. The App allows users to obtain a free, quick, and easy consultation from a Board Certified orthodontist.

Why consumers love The SmileSesame App!

Consumers love the application because they get a consultation without having to go to the Orthodontist. And it’s free! Furthermore, they can be confident that they have found a board certified orthodontist who they can trust. The SmileSesame App is currently available for Android and iPhone users.

How The SmileSesame App works:

The mobile application consulting process works as simple as two steps, downloading the free app and taking three pictures or a video of users teeth. The new update to the SmileSesame App allows users to choose between taking pictures of their teeth or a video of their teeth.

The SmileSesame has expanded its successful app to five different languages. Consumers can set the app to one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese.

Once three photographs are captured or video taken, the SmileSesame App automatically submits the user’s pictures or his/or her video to one of several board-certified orthodontists around the world who speaks the selected language and will evaluate the images or the video.

The board certified reviewing orthodontist evaluates whether the user is a good candidate for invisible braces like invisalign or any other treatment. SmileSesame App takes about 2 minutes from downloading to submission. Once the potential patient is evaluated, either to be a good Invisible Braces candidate or in need of more extensive treatment, the orthodontist responds back to the patient in an email generally within 24 hours.

Once a positive determination is made, the app informs the user and provides the user with referrals to orthodontists in their area.

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