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Send and receive bulk SMS using your Android mobile phone
A mobile app that can turn your smartphone into an SMS gateway

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* Send SMS to multiple recipients
Send a single text message to broadcast upcoming events, sales and promotions, advertising, announcement, reminder service, result information, group notice, alert and so much more.

* Manage contact list easily
Manage contact information of recipients in our web management console. You may upload a CSV or spreadsheet file and group your contact list according to your campaigns or mobile network.

* Multiple phones as SMS gateways
From the Google play store, install our mobile app on your Android phone. You may install the app in as many Android devices as you like and register them under one account. Set up rules which contact group will be sent by which device. You may configure one device to a specific mobile network such that it is responsible for sending to contacts under the mobile network you specified.

* Visual Analytics
Responses from your contacts after making a text blast are recorded. Statistics are presented in a graphical format and can be viewed in the web management console. Other information such as list of contacts that unsubscribed, responses with keywords and so much more are also available for your analysis.

* Simple API
Our API is made simple for easy integration into your existing system. Through the API, you may automate the blasting of SMS to your contact list. You may also process the messages received from your audience and act accordingly.

How To
1. Create List
Sign up for FREE at Login to your account to create a list of contacts with their mobile numbers. You may upload a CSV or spreadsheet file for easier setup.

2. Install mobile app
From the Google play store, install the smsblastr mobile app in your Android phone. You may install the app in as many Android devices as you like.

3. Create Campaign
In the web management console, compose an SMS to be broadcast to your contact list. Select which among your contacts is the intended audience for your text blast.

4. Send it!
Once you click the Send button in the web management console, your mobile phone workers (Android devices with installed smsblaster mobile app) will now start blasting the text message to your contact list.

If you are not using SMSBlastr. Please Click Stop Service Button to save phone battery

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