Sofia Home Adventure Fun

Sofia Home Adventure Fun


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Sofia Home Adventure is full of fun! Enjoy washing clothes at laundry room, growing plants in the soil at garden, tidy up the messy room, match the similar stuff and play puzzle game. Sweetness overloaded with Sofia’s home adventure fun!

Enjoy 5 fun filled games at Sofia Home Adventure. Sofia needs to clear the mess she had created while having fun puns and bubble tea pop with her little baby friend Amme on a tea party at her home. Her mom Elan is too busy to do the chore so she is going to be useful. She wants to be a good helper for her mom. Starting from the laundry room to the messy room to the gardening area to the matching game till the laundry puzzle, every mini-game is so much fun to play.

Laundry Room
Sofia is her mom’s little helper and she has so many dirty clothes to wash. Help her sort out the colored and white clothes in the tub to wash them separately for her mom. Separate colored socks, shirts and pants from the white ones. Put the coloured clothes and white clothes one by one in the washing machine, add detergent and switch on the machine. Ah ha! Here goes the washing machine, watch the soap bubbles floating and Tada! you are done. There’s no need of a dryer, the clothes are ready to go. Ahaa! You are done.

Sofia is a great helper, her mom is so glad that she has done the job really well. Quickly move on to the next room to help Sofia with the next task.

Messy Room
Sofia’s mommy is too busy to do all the chores right now. Sofia has so many dirty kids clothes to wash. She wants to clean up the mess she had created while having a tea party with her little friends. Before going to bed, she needs to tidy up her room, clear the toys, hang the clothes in cupboard, put the books on the shelf, mop the floor and make up the room quickly. Put the shoes in the right place so that her room is neat and clean.

Gardening/ Flower Farm
Sofia love to grow plants and flower in the garden. But in order to grow plants and flower, she needs to dig the soil, sow the flower seed and water the sand in the garden center. Help her take care of the gardening job. Watering plants is a very important thing to do, if you want to grow healthy flower. Once you have put in the seed, level the soil and water it. Aha! You can see beautiful flower growing in Sofia’s garden. Care well for your plants. This game activity is far amazing then other creation gardens app.

Pairing Game
Match the similar shoes, fun socks, shirts, pants or toys to make them disappear. Pairing is so much fun with your loving mom. Sofia love pairing up stuff.

Laundry Puzzle
Drag and drop the laundry that matches its shadow on the rope. Arrange the washed and dried clothes on the rope to make them ready to wear. The clothes aren’t wet any more and they don’t either need a dryer as well.

This is not just the girly stuff, boys can play it too. as this is one of the smartgames .Every room has something more interesting to offer. You would love playing with clothes, shoes, toys and stuff.


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