Solar PV Calculator Free

Solar PV Calculator Free


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Designed for use in the UK...

Solar PV calculator is an App designed
for Panel Installers, so they can quickly
calculator productivity of system to be
The App will also calculate the benefits
over a 25 year period, so the client /
customer can be shown how much income
can be generated, and how long the system
will take to pay for itself.

The App is very simple to use, and can also
be used by people considering installing
a solar Pv system.

The App will go through the calculation
in stages.
Each stage has a help file to assist with
entering correct data.

Data such as Installation type,
Panel Orientation (Direction of Panels)
Pitch (Angle of Panels)
Shading, Panel rating and number of panels.
This data will be used to calculate
Productivity and system size required.

Cost data such as installation cost,
FIT rate (Fixed Income Tarif)
Export rate, Electricity costs
And Inflation, will also be entered
to calculate the income generated and
money saved on bills, by having the
system installed.

At the end of the App, a survey report
can be viewed with system details.
Also a benefits illustration can be
viewed, to show the customer / client
how much income / savings can be made.
In the TOTAL benefits section,
The year will be highlighted in Yellow
to indicate how long the system will
take to pay for itself.
Years below this will be RED.
Years where profit is generated will be GREEN.

Pro version Also available....
Pro version allows for full Installation
details, to generate a complete quote.
Allows data to be emailed so
details can be retrieved at a later date
for further use, or sent to client.
Also stores data such as FIT rate, costs etc
making data entry much simpler after first use.

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