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New version already here! New game mode! Figures!! The famous card game free multiplayer Solitaire for Android! Improved version of classic among classics games, improved interface, more fluid, sounds, effects and new global system of ratings top 100.

FIGURES! New game mode available!

Shall we play Solitaire?

Have fun playing different kinds of solitaires, compete with friends and people around the world!

Choose a name, select an avatar and you are ready to play! Four game modes available!!!

Improve your skills without internet connection in all game modes.

Customize the game, change table color and improve your times!!

Complete solitaires, win points and archieve your place in the TOP scores global system!

Are you the best? prove it at the TOP ratings, playing with friends, family or strangers card games lovers online, ah! and totally free!

Classic board game card Solitaire is available in four game modes. Would you dare to play? The hardest solitaire!

The goal is to collect all the cards in piles by value. Forty deck is distributed in ten stacks of cards leaving one uncovered.
Each card should be placed in the corresponding pile, each time a card is placed in a pile, another is discovered. The game ends when all the cards are in their correspodientes piles.

The goal is to collect all the cards in piles by value. Deck of forty cards in six piles staggered distributed, will have on the top a pile with the remaining cards in the deck, which can be rotated.
Each card is placed in the corresponding pile, each time a card is placed in a pile, one of the pile is discovered. We can pile the cards in different columns, as long as it is in descending order, if any column runs out of cards, we can not leave cards in that column. The game ends when placed all the cards in four stacks.

The goal is to place all the figures. To get it you must add 8 or 9 with the cards that are not figures.
If you cant add 8 or 9 with the upcards, you lose the game unable to continue.

The goal is to get four staircases suited. Deck of forty cards are distributed in twenty heaps of a cover card and other card discovered.
Standing Aces and ascending stairs using them up cards. By placing a card, if another card in the space shown otherwise there will be a gap.
You can use the empty holes to place a single card. The game ends when the four ascending stairs are completed.

Solitary is one of the famous card games of all times, solitaire is a classic board games or card games.

Technical features:
★ Fluent and accessible game
★ No need of registration
★ Customizable name
★ Many avatar possibilities to choose
★ Change the color of the board as you play
★ Worldwide Online Mode
★ Global TOP 100 players

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    2017-08-29 07:34:13

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    TxL Games

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    Android 2.3+

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