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sounds Wolf


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voice app that combines the sounds of coyotes, wolves come together.
       Wolf or wolf gray wolf is considered as the largest family of wolves with it. Males weigh an average 43-45 kg (95-99 lb) of female weight. 36 to 38.5 kilograms (79-85 pounds) when fully grown to a length of two meters, it is a mammalian milk. Looks like a dog A large bushy tail is narrow chest, long legs, paws, big blunt nails make walking on slippery areas as well. Special vessels and blood clotting can not walk on the snow as well. Additionally, the toes have scent glands leave marks another wolf to smell it. Animals have joined the family of foxes, hyenas, jackals, coyotes and dingoes. The wolf is a wild animal living space has a habit of active intelligence with the hunt as a team. Have patience and courage and ability to fight well. Wolves live in a fragmented Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa in the past 32 species of wolf, but was chased and decreased dramatically to just four remaining species.

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Wolves are one voice
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